Who we are

Fully integrated software, design & storytelling – all under one roof

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Blend is a boot-strapped company who partners with focused, disruptor and legacy brands to create impactful experiences that increase brand value. We are composed of fifteen full-time employees, and an army of talented freelancers. Our skills, services, and clients all range greatly – contributing to unique blends of web, mobile, software and video work that fuels engagement and drives business results.

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How We Work

A simple and effective, iterative process

  • Discover 01

    We begin every project with an in-depth, and exhaustive discovery process to lay the foundation for the work to come. All aspects of the project are unpacked: business plan, user and marketing research, design inspiration, development strategy, launch plan, and more. Once all ideas have been flushed out, we begin to shape and develop the project plan.

  • Execute 02

    Our approach to building products is aggressive and agile. Blend’s team works tirelessly to execute designs and development in the shortest timeframe possible, while maintaining high standards of quality and care.

  • Iterate 03

    After our builds, we work collaboratively in-house or with our client to audit and critique our work in order to begin iterating on it. We recognize how important this process is, and put a great deal of care into refining our products before launching them.

  • Launch 04

    Once our team has finished all building and iterating, we use our marketing expertise to execute on an impactful launch plan. We harness and combine the powers of social media, celebrity endorsements, paid media, earned media, and PR to amplify the brand and product messaging.

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