5 Traits That Define a Great Creative Design Agency

Mobile First Design: Five Reasons Why It Matters

  1. Mobile usage is increasing every year.  Where it’s via a mobile web link or a mobile application, prospective clients are very likely to engage with your brand on a mobile device multiple times.  If you don’t have a native mobile portal, you risk alienating clients, and appearing like a brand that’s out of touch. In many business verticals, mobile usage is already accounting for over 50% of all traffic.
  2. Mobile first design is responsive, and accounts for every screen experience.  Remember, it isn’t ‘mobile only’, it’s ‘mobile first’. Developing for mobile first allows you to provide your consumers with a seamless, integrated experience that is native to every screen.  It is most efficient to start by designing the mobile experience first and then scale up to include tablet and desktop experiences. Progressive advancement ensures that when designing a product, you build a version for relatively lower browser (like that on a mobile phone). This includes the most basic functions & features. After that we tend to the advanced version for a tablet or PC, which is created by adding interactions, more complicated effects, on the basic version for a better user experience.
  3. Mobile first development makes you focus only on what the consumer wants and needs and eliminates the desire to fill up space unnecessarily.  You have to work harder and smarter to obtain optimal functionality, and that in turn helps you more effectively serve your users. In essence, mobile first ensures scalability of the platform across all screens.
  4. Mobile first design ranks higher on search.  Search engines all give preferential treatment to sites with mobile first design.  If you site isn’t optimized for google, you can miss out in a big way.
  5. Mobile first Design is Intuitive.  By forcing your company to focus first on mobile, you are creating a user experience that is driven by intuitive design.  That in turn will affect every part of the company as you strive to meet and exceed your customers needs every step of the way.  It also greatly reduces scrolling and panning times.

In the competitive world of business, behind every successful corporation or small business is a creative branding agency. Experts who will not only assist your company in developing a professional image, but also help you to market and advertise your products and services through various marketing channels and platforms that allow you to reach your target audience effortlessly. Are you looking for the right digital agency to help you propel your brand forward? Contact Blend Today.