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Blend is a Creative Production Agency in LA

Blend is a creative production agency.   We create and produce motion and still content for brands, working in an empowering way with the best and most experienced makers in the business.  We have a network of seasoned talent who can deliver excellence quickly and cost-effectively.

We are producer-led, which means we prioritize the people and parts of the process that have the most impact and cut out everything that drains time, money, and energy.  As producers, we understand what is at stake for our clients and are driven by the commitment to always deliver what was promised.

At Blend, we specialize in helping brands achieve their advertising goals by creating world-class content for streaming, digital, social, and web-based distribution. 

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Foundational Work

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World class work that delivers results.

Pros of Hiring a Los Angeles-based Creative Production Agency

Working with a Creative Video Agency in Los Angeles has several advantages.

Here are just a handful of benefits you may gain:

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Choosing the right creative agency for your business

Blend is the right choice for brands that want their agency partner to be better, faster, and stronger than the rest.  Our project-based, producer-led model maximizes creativity and efficiency, both.  We do this by prioritizing the people and parts of the process that have the most impact and cut out everything that drains time, money, and energy.

We specialize in assisting companies in elevating their online presence and reaching their target audiences by providing writing and video production services in Los Angeles.  We work with businesses of all sizes, from funded start-ups to global Fortune 500 brands.

We have a team of experienced creative digital advertisers who are experts in their field, working with you to create strategic messaging and produce compelling content that achieves your unique business needs.  We source creatives with deep experience in your business vertical, who work together with our strategists to create effective messaging and positioning.  We then craft scripts that bring unique and breakthrough ideas to life, and then produce that content in-house, using best-in-class non-union crews based in Los Angeles.

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