When Lexus needed help with digital registration and an automotive marketing campaign for its Performance F Driving School experience, they turned to Blend for solutions. Blend’s impressive track record in the automotive industry, serving clients like Toyota, Porsche, and Hyundai, made it the perfect partner for the luxury automaker’s long-awaited driving experience.

The brief was clear: design an original, rich and engaging web experience and email marketing campaign to fill every seat on the 4-city tour.

The Challenge


To be sure, Lexus’ exciting, once-in-a-lifetime driving experience is an amazing offering, yet automotive marketing is a crowded space and creating a campaign and a website presence to break out of the pack required exceptional design, effective messaging and expert execution.

The nimble Blend team worked its magic against an extremely tight timeline and engagement targets to create an original campaign and web design while staying faithful to Lexus’s global brand guidelines. This allowed Blend to create a powerful sub-brand for the experience while fitting seamlessly into Lexus’ existing suite of online offerings.

Our research looked at competitor campaigns, and at opportunities to reach the target market with engaging, actionable content. In addition to competitive analysis, we immersed ourselves in the Lexus brand guidelines and became intimately close with the Lexus brand ethos. Even with our extensive automotive marketing experience, it is only after this foundation is laid that we begin to put our markers to the whiteboard.

The Results

The research was done and the creative executed—so what happened next?

Blend produced a highly engaging, user-friendly registration website and email marketing campaign. Beautiful design, befitting the Lexus brand combined with the latest in web technologies plus a rigorous social media strategy are driving significant exposure and generating the excitement and interest we had planned on and spots are quickly filling up across the country.

Any marketing challenge can be overcome with an experienced team, a commitment to state-of-the-art technology and marketing techniques that effectively tell your story to the broadest part of your target market.

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