Blend CEO, Matt Bijarchi, interviewed by The Drum


The polls didn’t get it right and the electorate has spoken in the United Kingdom: out with the EU. Reactions from the result are understandably all over the place, with each camp digging in to say that it was the right/wrong decision. The Drum asked others here in the US and abroad about the decision and their reaction to the historic vote of discontent…

“On the West Coast we’ve just woken up to the news of the [Brexit] vote. We’re overwhelmed, like everyone else. I think for the short to medium term it obviously puts UK owned business at a significant disadvantage. More broadly, though, it throws into question many of the tenants upon which vertically integrated e commerce brands have been built. Whether you are a legacy, disrupter or start up brand ,the modern business model is completely dependent on fluid, ‘borderless’ world trade.  If it becomes more difficult, time consuming or expensive to buy or sell goods and services to the UK, or anywhere else, then businesses and consumers will look elsewhere.”

Blend CEO, Matt Bijarchi

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