Blend Comes Back Strong With A Five-Star Clutch Review in 2022

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Achieving excellence is a collaborative process. Different opinions, when handled correctly will produce a superior product more often than not. This has been the guiding philosophy behind how blend works during every project we take on, which is why we decided to open ourselves to feedback.

We created our profile on Clutch to give our clients the chance to voice their honest thoughts on our work. After almost five years on the platform, we’re happy to report that this was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made as a company.

These reviews have greatly raised our profile in our industry, and it’s a gift that keeps on giving. This is because even after all this time, we still get positive feedback from our amazing clients and partners.

It’s still on the backs of reviews like this where we build our growth and expansion efforts. In fact, because of the cumulative score we’ve amassed since joining the platform in 2017, our team has been featured on Top Design Firms as one of the top advertising agencies in Los Angeles.

This is another B2B platform that connects companies with their ideal project partners through various efforts. Their main method is collecting data from similar B2B sites and creating ranked listing of the top performers in every industry.

These listings help the companies included in them in three important ways. First, they serve as an additional venue for potential clients to discover their services. Second, it helps quickly establish all those included as experts in their respective industries and builds trust that they know what they’re doing. Finally, it lets the companies know where they stand in relation to their competition.

The last point is particularly important for those with ambitions of being named as the top of field. Over here at blend, we truly believe that we are the most deserving of that spot right now. Our team has the talent, expertise, and experience to give any business the results they’re looking for. All we need is the opportunity to show what we can do.

Learn more about the services that have helped us get so many five-star reviews and a place as one of the best agencies in LA by visiting our website today. If you need more direct assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our team through any of our available channels.