Blend Looks Ahead to Trends for 2016 – LBB Online

We no longer fear the engineer. We all live in a technology dependent world. There is no escaping it. Every single business vertical is being disrupted by bold start ups. Legacy marketers are re-inventing their brand communications. Technology is at the center of all of it.  You can’t service any modern brand without talented software engineers. Yet non-engineering types like myself are often intimidated or overwhelmed by the foreign processes and working styles of web and app developers. Don’t hate; appreciate!

Dive in. Learn. Ask questions. Creating world-class user experiences takes a village. Freely offer up your unsolicited advice. Argue. Collaborate. After all, they need you as much as you need them. Have you ever asked an engineer to write a headline, produce a video or design a landing page?  No.  Because chances are they don’t do any of that well.  They know their engineering needs to integrate successfully with all of the other elements that lead to a positive, engaging user experience. A lot of them are introverts. Force the conversation. They’ll appreciate it.

…As we see software touching nearly every function of marketing communications we need to be more aware of how to address the inevitable ‘technical debt’ that comes with building web portals and mobile applications…

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