Blend Looks Ahead to Trends for 2016 – LBB Online

We no longer fear the engineer. We all live in a technology dependent world. There’s no escaping it. Every single business vertical is being disrupted by bold start ups. Legacy marketers are re-inventing their brand communications. Technology is at the center of all of it.  You can’t service any modern brand without talented software engineers. Yet non-engineering types like myself are often intimidated or overwhelmed by the foreign processes and working styles of web and app developers. Don’t hate; appreciate!

Dive in. Learn. Ask questions. Creating world-class user experiences takes a village. Freely offer up your unsolicited advice. Argue. Collaborate. After all, they need you as much as you need them. Have you ever asked an engineer to write a headline, produce a video or design a landing page?  No.  Because chances are they don’t do any of that well…

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