Surprise and delight video marketing with mastercard photo gwen s

The Power of a Surprise and Delight Video Marketing Campaign

A Surprise and Delight marketing campaign is a powerful tool used to attract customers, promote loyalty, and increase customer engagement.  By surprising customers by offering them unexpected rewards.  Sharing the […]

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Direct Response Television

What is DRTV and Why Should it be a Part of Your Marketing Strategy

TV stands for Direct Response Television.  Instead of late-night hard nose sales ads that scream for a viewer to take action and look like they were produced in someone’s garage, modern DRTV commercials have advanced in placement, quality, and creativity. 

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bookfair event video production

Why Capture your Conference or Event on Video?

Having a professional videographer and video production team capture your live event on video is an easy way to create dynamic content. Event videos can be used before, during, and after an event to elevate your digital marketing and promotion efforts, lead generation, and more.

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training videos

Why Create Training Videos for your Employees

Well-trained employees are an essential component of any successful business. There are several ways to deliver employee training. Each one has its place, but using videos for training has many advantages. So why choose to create a training video?

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develope brand awareness with video

What is a Brand Video

What is a brand video? These are videos that focus on your overall brand or put simply, who you are and why you’re here. These can be tricky, but here we discuss the right approach that you can use to create a video that attracts attention and elevates your brand.

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video onboarding tutorial

Introducing Onboarding Videos

Today, more and more companies are including onboarding videos as part of their marketing and employee engagement strategies. Onboarding refers to any education or information you provide new clients, product users, service subscribers, or employees during their initial interaction with your company. Video excels at delivering this type of information in a quick and easy-to-digest way. A good onboarding experience can lead to customer retention, better product reviews, increased sales through happy user referrals, and higher new employee productivity.

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