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A beautifully simple platform for up-and-coming talent.

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Ford Models

When the world’s most prestigious modeling agency approached us to help them become disruptors, we were all in.

Together, we created Spotlight: a platform open to the entire talent ecosystem for both seekers and talent. Spotlight rocks a UX that rivals Instagram with features and functionality to support enterprise level engagements. With Ford’s legacy brand recognition and blend’s state of the art mobile and desktop applications, making important connections, interviewing, and final casting is brought into the digital world.

Launching in 2017

The world’s most noted and iconic modeling agency for over 70 years.

Founded by Eileen Ford and her husband in 1946, Ford Models was the first company to treat their models like traditional employees. Today, the agency represents an incredibly diverse list of models and celebrities from all over the world.

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Meeting the needs of two distinctly different user groups.

We worked to develop a deep understanding of the needs of both talent and industry seekers. In the end, we balanced Spotlight to beautifully showcase the work and portfolios of talent, and provide seekers with extraordinary discover and filtering capabilities. Video chat opens up the opportunity to find the right talent to match the need from anywhere in the world.



Face-to-face communication regardless of location.

Bringing the world of casting talent online gave us the opportunity to fix inherent connectivity issues that existed in the space previously. Most notably: having to physically bring talent into castings for agents and scouts to make decisions. Accordingly, we built native video chatting into Spotlight so that seekers could speak with talent face-to-face – regardless of their location in the world – to help them select the best candidates and cut down on investments of in-person castings.


Discovering talent and opportunities with seemless convenience on-the-go.

When designing the Spotlight iOS app, we kept in mind those users who are constantly on-the-go – whether it be a model who’s in school or a casting agent who travels often. However, we didn’t want that convenience to come at the cost of the rich functionality we had built into the desktop. Ultimately, we created a mobile experience which is effortlessly simple to use and completely uncompromising.


2 Million

Models, Hair Stylists, Photographers, Producers and other talented individuals represented by Ford.

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