Common Types of Marketing Videos

Marketing video types graphic

At Blend, our professional creative team in Los Angeles has the experience to produce a variety of different types of video content that compels your target audience into action. Here are ten common types of marketing videos.

Video is everywhere, but what types of video can you use to promote your brand?  Most professional marketers understand that digital marketing is a powerful part of any effective marketing strategy, and online video plays a larger role than ever.  Video marketing helps consumers understand a brand, product, or service better.  It can increase website traffic flow, length of engagement, and ultimately sales.  There are a variety of different types of videos that you can use in your marketing strategy.  Here are ten common types of marketing videos:

  1. Brand Video – These focus on your company’s vision, mission, culture, or goals and are a great way to tell your brand’s story or show off your company’s personality.
  2. Explainer Video – These videos are useful when you’re trying to convey complex information in a format that won’t overwhelm your target audience.  Explainers often employ the use of animation which is an easily digestible way to help explain many types of challenging information.
  3. Product Video – These are the most common types of videos used in marketing.  Product promo videos explain how a product can solve a viewer’s problem.  The majority of broadcast television commercials and web-based promotional videos focus on key attributes or benefits of a product or service.
  4. Onboarding Video – These videos help show new customers the ins and outs of your product and make sure they understand everything your product and brand has to offer.
  5. Training Video – By using video to take new team members through the details of your product, service, or how your company is run, can save you time and stress.
  6. Event Video – A corporate video that captures footage of a company event and creates marketing and informational videos from the attendance of trade shows or annual events.  These often involve the perfect combination of suppliers, clients, and industry experts all together and primed to speak.
  7. Testimonial Video – These videos help you gain a target customer’s trust.  Happy customers relaying their success stories about your product can make a significant impact on your marketing effort.
  8. Surprise and Delight Video – Capturing a real-life moment connects with the audience on a personal level. They suddenly find themselves invested in the outcome of a situation and cheering for people who, two seconds ago, they had not even known existed.  These are perfect for social media videos.
  9. Demonstration Video – A demo video a detailed look into a product’s specific features and benefits.  These videos are meant for customers who are seriously considering purchasing the product.  Demo videos are a popular tool when creating B2B product marketing videos.
  10. DRTV, or Call to Action Videos – These are videos deliberately created to prompt the customer into engaging with your brand by taking a specific action. 

With a mix of promotional, informational, or just plain entertaining, content across multiple media channels, these types of videos can be used to help new leads discover your products, directly influence purchase, or start a conversation that engages your target audience. 

Video content is one of the most popular tools used in an effective digital marketing strategy.  If you want to remain competitive in the busy digital marketplace, you must find a way to grab your target audience’s attention and engage them quickly, and video is a great way to do that.  Whether it’s a product video, an explainer video, a client testimonial, a brand anthem, or an infomercial, it’s important to remember that a good content marketing video offers its’ viewers some sort of value.  If you’re looking for an engaging content marketing medium to boost your site’s conversion rates and produce financial returns, using video to promote your brand and sell your products is the solution. At Blend, our professional creative team in Los Angeles has the experience to produce video content that compels your target audience into action.  If you’re interested in incorporating video content marketing into your digital marketing strategy we can help, contact Blend Today.