Advertising Without Major Fees or Commitments

No-Cost Consultation

Agencies earn profits by billing more hours.

Production is outsourced to expensive subcontractors, adding time and fees.

We focus on the people who deliver value and get rid of anything that wastes time, money, and energy.


World Class Writers + Directors

Pay for Only What You Need


“Blend has a flexible creative model – they find the right creative teams for each project.  They also provide excellent service, keep it simple for us and do it all for very reasonable costs”

Andre Quadra, Sr. Director of Brand Marketing, Midea America  (via clutch)

“I’ve never seen a creative team more nimble or flexible than the blend team.  They created covid-safe sets in six different cities for a complex production process and made it seem simple.  The team was committed to delivering high-quality content and kept the whole process simple for us.”

Harriet Johnson, Head of Content & Partner Marketing, Brex (via clutch)

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of writers and creative directors do you work with?

Seasoned creatives who create successful campaigns for the best agencies in the world.  We just have a lot less overhead and no parent-company profit pressure.

Do you manage all Production?

Yes. We handle the entire project from concept to delivery, including all production and post-production.

Do you also create animated content?

Yes, in addition to 2D and 3D animation, we are early adopters of emerging technologies such as virtual production and real-time animation.

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