How to develop a killer SaaS App

Now that more and more businesses are using Software as a Service (SaaS), it pays to really look at what makes a killer SaaS application, and here are some key tips that will ensure your SaaS application is a success.

One of the most powerful tools to ensure you build a great SaaS application is to make sure you make User Experience Design (UXD) your top priority, and this will be covered in more detail later. UXD has become a byword for successful software development, and businesses who ignore this will not reap the rewards that other competitors achieve.

Adaptability is another primary feature in the planning, development and implementation stages. SaaS applications need to be flexible and grow to meeting changing requirements. Some companies have reported that they must continue to make changes to their application after launch to adapt to user needs. Therefore, be prepared to constantly evaluate and review your product throughout its lifecycle.

Developers of SaaS have found that Open Standard SaaS development has minimised costs such as licensing fees, so ensure you weigh up all of the options before embarking on your development strategy and learn from other successful SaaS development projects and assess what factors have helped them to succeed.

Key Considerations for Effective SaaS Development

One of the first questions to ask yourself is: Is this what people want? Surprisingly, even though there is obviously a technical element to SaaS, this is not the most important consideration when developing an application – the business strategy is fundamental to ensuring you provide a great product that people actually want to subscribe to.

Defining the problem you are resolving is 90% of the battle. Do the research: as with any new business, it’s no use investing lots of time and money if the product is not really something that appeals to a mass market. If you already have an audience or a following through your current activities, utilize this ready-made market to find out what people want, what the issues are and if they are willing to pay for your product. If you don’t have a captive audience then search for a group that you can tap into to find out as much as you can about consumer demand.

Does your product match up to what the consumer wants? if you have a defined product or idea, does it match the reality of what customers want or is it a bright idea without substance? This may sound harsh, but an idea alone will not be substantial enough to run with if your offer does not perfectly match consumer expectations or can be adapted to fit them more exactly. This is just good business sense, and the way to ensure success is to pursue this line of thinking and ensure you are always listening to the market.

Build a winning team: you will need a lead technical developer or a great development partner, and as the business grows the advice is to have more than one developer as backup to ensure your SaaS application is always fit for purpose. However, as long as the business idea is sound and properly researched this can come later, and talented people can often be sourced off the back of the success of the product.


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