How to Develop a Video Strategy


“Hi! I’m Matt Bijarchi the Chief Content Officer of Blend. Welcome to our series about creating branded video content. This video outlines the three steps needed to discover, develop and employ an effective strategy for your branded video.”

“Step one is to define your business objectives”

Cut to title card for 3 seconds.
Step 1: Business Objectives –

“A successful video has to begin with a well planned strategy and clearly defined expectations. (to my side on the screen bullet points appear): The strategy process should begin with a review of the basics: your brand values and vision statement; consumer personas; value proposition and key performance indicators.”

• Vision + Values Statements
• Consumer Personas
• Value Proposition
• Key Performance Indicators)

“After you’ve reviewed the basics, you’ll next want to define success for this video.

“Is success the number of views or quantity of conversions?   Is it specifically for a new product launch? Is success defined by the number of media impressions?  O is it part of building brand equity of the medium to long term? Perhaps it’s a mix of objectives? Whatever success would look like to your firm, it’s important to know your goals upfront.”

Step 2: Target Market
“Step 2 is identifying your target market and the consumer personas of who you’re trying to reach.  Whether they are existing consumers, potential consumers, or a new segment of consumers you’re trying to reach.  You may already have done this work, but a refresh and drill down will help the efficacy of your messaging. You’ll also want to define the competitive landscape identify key competitors, and identify what differences exist between the brands.  Be as clear eyed as possible and use as much research and data analysis available.

Step 3: Value Proposition

“It is such a competitive business environment.  Every brand.. whether they are B2B or B2C or B2B2C, every brand has to tell their story and video content is the most effective storytelling mechanism there is.  But there’s so much of it. Therefore, you really need to drill down to your core value proposition —your magic sauce— what your service or product does better than anyone else that makes your brand so unique.  You’ll really need to drill down here to ensure that your messaging is architected around it…baked into it. Once you’re able to define your unique value proposition that will drive the messaging and the storytelling and render your video content more effective in achieving your goals.

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