How to Incorporate Video in Your Digital Marketing – Part 1

photo graphic - play button - video for digital marketing

“Today’s consumers are in complete control of their path to purchase” – Google.  Gone are the days of producing a single ad, or using a lone advertising format, the road to conversion is no longer linear and reaching customers is no longer a one shot deal.  Businesses now need to broaden the scope of their digital marketing strategies to include a multi-platform video marketing strategy.

Just having a web site for your product or service is not enough, you need to have a digital marketing strategy, and incorporating a video marketing plan as part of your overall digital strategy has become essential.  Cisco predicted that by 2021, 82% of the global internet will be video traffic.  Facebook has predicted that by 2021 their newsfeed will be entirely filled with video.  Already, over half of us watch video content daily, 59% of executives say they would rather watch a video than read text, and viewers are around 85% more likely to purchase products after seeing a video.  This makes the inclusion of video marketing into your overall digital marketing plan a factor that cannot be over-looked.

There are several ways to incorporate video into your digital marketing strategy, all of which can add value and increase conversions simultaneously, but where to start?  In this three-part article we’ll look at what types of videos you can produce, how to get them made, and where to post them for maximum impact.


Let’s start with types of video. A great video brings about a connection between the seller and buyer.  Here are just a few examples of the different types of videos your company can incorporate into a winning video strategy.

  • Explainer Videos – if you’re releasing a product or service for the first time, offer an explainer video to your customers. Educate your audience and inform them of your uniqueness in the market place.
  • Client Testimonials – getting real people on video to talk about their experiences and offer feedback can be a great selling point, it not only builds trust, it demonstrates your customer loyalty.
  • Personalized Videos – creating a video specifically for a certain target audience can engage the viewer in a way that makes them familiar with your product or service from their unique perspective.
  • Demonstration Videos – these are great for showing your customers the product or service you are offering in action, to help them to understand how it can be of benefit to them.  These are a great option for onboarding videos.
  • Brand Awareness Videos – when you are developing your brand a video can enforce your brand’s tone, style and values. If you get this right you become an authority on your subject matter
  • Non Sales Videos– One of the most underrated strategies for a marketing team is NOT asking for the business or promoting a specific product or service. A well-produced video that will get shared across social platforms is often not sales related, however it can creatively enforce your brands message.
  • Brand Anthem Video – these are videos that focuses on your overall brand, or put simply, who you are and why you’re here. These can be tricky, but with the right approach you can create a video that attracts attention and elevates your brand.
  • Surprise + Delight” Social Experience Video – Videos that aim to attract and nurture consumer relations by providing unexpected rewards or experiences.  They are designed to increase customer loyalty and engagement.

In part 2 of our three part article we’ll discuss how to get your video produced for your digital marketing campaign.  In part 3 of this three part article we’ll review the different places to post different types of video content.

Videos marketing can do far more than just promote your product or service. Video content marketing can be used to build customer rapport, generate interest in your brand vision, and showcase customer testimonials. Used alongside social media, video marketing can even be used for live-stream events, how-to instructional videos, educational videos and much more – all of which can engage customers, promote your brand and eventually drive lead generation and sales.  Our team of professional videographers and photographers have the experience to create engaging storytelling content in ways that compel your target audience into action.  If you’re interested in incorporating video marketing into your digital marketing strategy we can help, contact Blend Today.