How to Produce a Video


Once you’ve approved a final script and storyboarded it out, it’s time to plan out how to make the content itself.  Producing encompasses all the parts that make up the final video, including: casting the actors; renting the cameras and lighting equipment; securing Production Crew; Set Design; Location Permitting; Editing; Music; Animation/Visual Effects/Graphics.

  • Casting
  • Equipment
  • Production Crew
  • Set Design
  • Location Permitting
  • Editing
  • Music
  • Animation/Visual Effects/Graphics

Pre Production is an intense process where everything cumulates in a final pre-production meeting, usually 1-2 days ahead of the filming itself, where each aspect of the film days is methodically detailed and final changes are attended to.  An efficient pre-production process and a smooth pre-production meeting itself really set your team up to be as focused and effective as possible on the shoot days. Production days are what eat up most of the video budget, so it’s a wise investment to spend a lot of time planning so that the days are structured for maximum efficiency.

Step 2:Production + Post Production
“Step 2 is production and post-production – the actual days spent filming; animating; editing;  or creating a music track for your video. This is the literal making of the video. The strategy, ideation and storyboarding, combined with a thorough pre-production meeting means that everyone is on the same page and that production time can be utilized accordingly.  Film and editing days are often 12-14 hours long so the better they are planned the better they tend to run. The more integrated the creative, production and post teams are from the beginning, the smoother the process is overall. Working directly with a creative production company allows marketers to bundle the whole ideation  creation and execution processes, creating efficiency without sacrificing quality.

Here is the sequence of Production and Post Production.  You start with your filming days. Once filming is complete, you move directly into editorial where a rough cut is delivered.  Once the rough cut is approved you move onto the finishing processes of color correction and graphics; then SFX, Music Design and any visual effects or animation; and as the last step you do final mastering of the video and then distribute the content.

  • Production Shoot Days
  • Rough Cut Editorial
  • Color Correction; Graphics
  • SFX; Music Design; Visual Effects
  • Mastering and distribution

Step 3: Earned Media Promotion

Step 3 is Earned media promotion.   Obviously brands are going to post their content to their website and app portals and social media channels as well… but too often earned media opportunities are ignored, thereby decreasing a brand’s potential reach.

With an insatiable 24/7 newscycle there is always room for branded content to be promoted beyond merely paid media channels.

Brands should explore earned media distribution through a variety of ways, including: influencer or celebrity promotion on social media; having a press strategy and seeding ideas with lifestyle press outlets; and securing partnerships of co-ops with other brands.

  • Influencer Promotion
  • Press Agent and Press Strategies
  • Partnerships/Co-Op Participation

If you’re strategic about your earned media opportunities, you can secure exponentially more reach and engagement than through paid media alone.

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