Keys to Creating a Great Social Media Video Marketing Campaign

video marketing on social media

Creating a social video that stands out is a challenge. To help, We created a list of key elements to creating a great social media video marketing campaign.

As consumers turn more towards the web and social media for recommendations, how-to or help information, and entertainment, a great social ad campaign becomes an increasingly important part of a successful digital strategy.  With constantly changing social trends and a saturated environment, it seems more difficult than ever for a business to create social video ads that stand out.  To make it easier for you to pursue a successful social ad strategy, we created this list of key elements to creating a great social video marketing campaign.

video marketing on social media
  • A Clear Goal – With the right strategy, social media advertising can help support almost any business goal for almost any industry.  When you begin planning your social media video marketing campaign you’ll need to define your specific goal.  For instance: Is your goal to launch a product, increase brand awareness, or drive traffic to your website?  Knowing your specific goal will greatly influence the type of video for social media you will want to produce.
  • Know your Target Audience – If you know your goal it’s easier to know your target audience.  With social media platforms, you can make sure you hit the right viewer at the right time with the right message using key targeting parameters like age, gender, behavioral data, interest data, and location data.  This will help you to create social media video content that appeals to your chosen audience in ways that compel them into action.
  • Capture their Attention – You’ll need a high-quality video that stands out and appeals to your target audience in a way that also works towards your goals.  Remember it’s important to relate to your audience on social media so produce content that provides something of value like tips, facts, or other information, evokes emotions, shares a solution to a common pain point, entertains them, or combinations of these elements.  To achieve the highest quality in video content, consider a professional video production partner.
  • Hire the Right Creative Agency – Your audience will know the difference between a well-produced video and one that’s quickly thrown together or amateurish.  In today’s competitive digital marketplace creating high-quality content that stands out is paramount to any successful social marketing strategy.   If you’re planning to use video in your social media marketing strategy, it’s in your best interest to utilize the talents of a professional video production agency to create top-quality videos. 
  • Measure the Results – The final step in the social ad campaign process is to measure the performance of your video campaign.  Like almost every digital marketing undertaking, the analytics and data collected from a specific project can be incredibly useful to marketers.  You’ll want to be able to figure out how many video views you got, the length of time people spent viewing them, and the traffic sources.  This is how you surmise whether or not your social media video campaign met your specific goals and to find aspects that can be improved upon.

People use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube multiple times a week, if not daily, so it’s no wonder why marketers are focusing on increasing their marketing efforts on those platforms.  Using video for social media marketing is a great way to connect with and further engage with the following you have built on various sites. 

 Video marketing on social media platforms is essential.  With billions of users and the ability to micro-target your promotional campaigns, more marketing teams are turning to video marketing to increase overall engagement on each of their social media platforms.  Blend is a creative digital production company that can help you to develop the right social video marketing strategy for your brand and produce high-caliber social media video content.  Our team of professional videographers and photographers has the experience to create engaging storytelling content in ways that compel your target audience into action.  If you’re interested in incorporating video marketing into your social marketing strategy we can help, contact Blend Today.