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Mobile App Development & Design Services

From funded start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, Blend develops well-designed, useful, and innovative mobile apps that perfectly cater to their intended audience. What we design offers the end user value, simplicity, security & intuitive functionality.

Blend develops mobile apps for a multitude of platforms leveraging hardware/software environment’s greatest potential because we know the strengths and weaknesses associated with each. Blend provides the process, framework, and flexibility to create an amazing experience today while preparing for future needs.

90 percent of mobile users utilize multiple screens consecutively and want the viewing experience to be seamless. Blend will deliver the right consistent cross-platform strategy with layouts that are fluid & grid based.


App Concept to Rapid Prototyping

Every mobile app on the market first began as an concept, which begs this question: What value will the app create?

Value is streamlining a common action, providing information, entertainment, social interactions, etc. It’s the reason why users return to an app more than once.

Sometimes the nature of an application facilitates reuse organically. For example, users of a remote control application will use it every time they want to manage the hardware it connects to. For others, rewards and promotions will drive engagement.

With an understanding of your objectives and your customers’ expectations, Blend’s team uses wireframes to refine the app design and build a seamless, functional product.

Blend builds functional animated experiences during the design stage as a visual cue for engineers to meet or exceed user experience expectations.


The Coding Process

Blend’s team of top-tier developers take a multi-stage approach to mobile app development. We advance in specific increments and stages that allow us to troubleshoot and integrate refinements to create a flawless, intuitive mobile app that’s best-in-class and built for scale.


Engineered For Scale and User Experience

Blend’s team of developers are best-in-class and have worked for some of the most successful technology companies in the world, including: Lyft, Cisco, IBM, HP and Uber. Each mobile application is built for seemingly infinite scalability at launch and with every update. We don’t outsource engineering – all of our engineers are Los Angeles based.

Quality engineering is the backbone of any mobile app. However, our engineers build for optimal user experience – ensuring that our products are as well designed as they are engineered.

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