SaaS Development

Distributing your software as a service (SaaS) enables easier version control, deployment and recurring revenue

SaaS Platform Development Services

Software as a Service (SaaS) can redefine your business if you have an idea for a new business or a software package to distribute. Software runs on the cloud instead of being installed locally which enables developers to easily & frequently update without end-user action. Data protection is higher and easier to control since it is all stored centrally. Customers like the accessibility because the app can be accessed from any place through a web browser. Users are able to access their data and work more efficiently from anywhere– making life easier for those needing off-hour access. SaaS application development also reduces time to market because of a shorter software development life cycle.

Consider SaaS Applications if you would like to:

  • Easily add end-users to your web app on a regular basis

  • Deliver new innovations to end-users without delay

  • Expand the scope of your web app in the future

  • Experience minimal costs for integration and support & high renewal levels

  • Deliver and support software for a large number of users

Without this large number of versions in the field common with traditional software, SaaS companies can focus their efforts on producing new innovation by minimizing the resources spent on maintaining a large set of legacy releases.

Components of a SaaS Product

The software package: This is the actual product that performs the functions required to serve the customer. What this product is and how it works will differ for each project.

Front-end Informational Site & Sales Platform: The informational site used to market and sell the software is a major component of all SaaS Development projects. The front-end SaaS site targets the right buyer personas, and progresses the user to the free trial or other offer.

Account Management & Subscription: The front-end site connects to an account system to sign-up new users and process payment options. Also, users must be able to edit and update account information. A key component is the secure processing of transactions on an annual or monthly basis.

Our SaaS Development Services

Our goal is to develop an end-to-end solution that incorporates all of the necessary pieces of the SaaS: the product, the sales site, and the account management portion. When built correctly, all systems will be combined into a single piece of software.

How To Get Started

All SaaS development projects must start with a discovery session where we will define the specifics, and deliver a finalized project plan. This will include your front-end website, the product itself and monetization plans. We will recommend a set of technologies as part of discovery.

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