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Delivering power and productivity: crafting perfectly suited applications that are smart and simple.

Custom Software Application Development Services

Looking to develop a new product like Skype that you can sell to different customer segments? With Blend’s software development help, our clients earn millions, save millions, and change lives in innumerable ways.

What we develop is the client’s vision. The collaboration between Blend and our client results in apps pushing businesses to grow and transform beyond what was ever imagined. In both cases, Blend delivers custom software built specifically to help one uncommon business—your business—do what it was never capable of doing before.


Our Approach

Technology Consulting: Experts evaluate available technology stacks and match them to thoroughly examined project needs.

Discovery and Planning: Project strategy and roadmaps are defined, requirements are clarified, and Blend ensures the right problems are being fixed.

Software Prototyping: A proof-of-concept allows for real-world implementation and evaluation while consuming minimum resources.


How We Source

Sourcing the right software development teams for Blend’s studio model is incredibly important. Our model supports building and servicing companies of all types and their different needs and requirements. Trying to staff for a team of 20-30 engineers – who are not activated until a specific project kicks off – is incredibly inefficient. By sourcing and building close relationships with Los Angeles based development talent, Blend is able to activate the individuals and teams we need for the projects we are working on.

Blend’s teams are incredibly diverse in code languages. For example, one team is a leader in the industry for utilizing Cassandra as a database structure while another team focuses on Javascript, Node.js and React. Our iOS and Android teams are experts with native Swift and Java. But these teams aren’t just small no-name shops. They are enterprise quality developers, having developed for Hyundai, Kia, Edison International, Cisco and many other Fortune 500s.

It takes years to source and build these relationships. Blend’s teams each have unique, specific workflows and processes, all of which require extensive training and coordination from our project managers, designers, and front-end developers.


Examples of common Blend software development projects:

Native Mobile Applications: Expand reach, deepen customer engagement, and provide enhanced capabilities to field-based staff with iOS and Android devices.

Cloud Hosting: Deploy your highly scalable software to AWS, Azure, Google or SoftLayer so, it can reach your customers no matter where they are in the world.

Database Development: Use data to work smarter and discover new opportunities using SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, etc.

System Integration and ETL: Get your systems functioning together to eliminate double data entry and costly miscommunications.

Expert Systems: Create intelligent systems which mimic the reasoning of human experts. Win new business by offering personalized advice and guidance on your website.

Customized Dashboards: Connect the data, people, and insights to optimize every aspect of your business.

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