The Power of a Surprise and Delight Video Marketing Campaign

A Surprise and Delight marketing campaign is a powerful tool used to attract customers, promote loyalty, and increase customer engagement.  By surprising customers by offering them unexpected rewards.  Sharing the delight of customers created by these rewards with high-quality video content across multiple channels fosters enhanced interactions with consumers and excitement about your brand.

A delightful surprise can make a person’s day.  It could involve a complimentary pastry at a café’ or a free drink at a local pub or a free dessert compliments of a restaurant waiter.  Put simply – Surprises make people feel important and special.  When customers are delighted it can help to create a powerful and long-lasting bond with your brand. 

Surprise and delight video marketing with mastercard photo gwen s

One of the most successful and recognizable Surprise & Delight video marketing campaigns has been the MasterCard® ”Priceless Surprises” campaign.  MasterCard® began by connecting with members on social media and giving them surprise prizes and gifts like VIP Grammy award show tickets, special access concert tickets, and even in-person meetings with celebrities.  These scenarios captured on video in real-time with real people are relevant, memorable, and exciting.

Capturing a real-life moment of surprise or delight connects with the audience on a personal level. Suddenly, viewers find themselves invested in the outcome of a situation and cheering for people who, two seconds ago, they had not even known existed.  Blend partnered with MasterCard® to create a video capturing the story of card members receiving a fantastic surprise that included tickets to a Gwen Stefani concert as well as an on-stage experience. 

The Blend video production team also partnered with MasterCard® and Lyft to surprise unknowing card members with prizes and a night among the stars that they would not soon forget. The excitement of the award winners was palpable and shot in such a way that the audience was excited for them.  

Video marketing can do far more than just promote your product or service. A well-planned surprise and delight campaign within your digital marketing strategy could lead to more than just a short-term sales boost but also long-term brand loyalty.  Used alongside social media, a surprise and delight video campaign can engage customers, promote your brand and eventually drive lead generation and sales.  Our team of professional videographers and photographers has the experience to create engaging storytelling content in ways that compel your target audience into action.  If you’re interested in adding a surprise and delight video campaign to your digital marketing strategy we can help, contact Blend Today.