The Hardworking Value of Product Videos

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Product Videos are an invaluable weapon in your digital marketing content arsenal.

Now, more than ever, there are numerous ways to reach potential customers– multitudes of social media platforms, streaming services, digital channels, e-commerce sites, and of course legacy mediums like broadcast and radio. Today’s most successful product marketing campaigns are made of more than just a few TV spots– you need to produce content that meets the consumer in the spaces where they spend most of their time. One of the most persuasive, and cost effective, types of new media content is the Product Video.

What are Product Videos and Where Do They Live

Product Videos can take a variety of forms but chiefly differ from typical commercials in their intended goals. They’re not about brand awareness or promoting brand values– they’re singularly focused on teaching consumers about a product. While they should also be entertaining, product videos are primarily designed to be hardworking and informative. They showcase the product in beautiful and compelling ways while highlighting the benefits, use cases, and technical information. It’s essential that after conveying the important information, there is a clear and concise call to action that helps customers know where to find the product you’ve just so expertly sold them. 

There are multiple channels in which product videos can be distributed. They can be placed in targeted digital ad buys across popular platforms like Youtube or Instagram, they can populate product pages on your website, and they can be powerful sales tools alongside photography on e-commerce sites like Amazon or Walmart. If they’re intended for your website or e-commerce, videos don’t need to be limited to 15 or 30 seconds and can be as long or short as necessary to properly convey the messaging around your product.

Product Video Production

With the hardworking and informative nature of the content, product video production has many advantages over traditional commercial production. Product videos typically feature fewer actors and less elaborate set ups, so production is able to be more time and cost efficient. If you are going to be making traditional commercials, product video production can instead be integrated into the larger shoot, allowing you to utilize the talent, crew, and locations that have already been paid for. 

The product video post production process can be similarly efficient and streamlined. Since product videos generally have fewer narrative elements, they rely less heavily on actor performances and dialogue or stunts, and instead utilize simple cinematography, on-screen text and graphics, music, and narration to help highlight the product. These elements allow you to achieve a high level production value, while keeping the product video production itself lean and contained.

As marketing budgets grow more stretched and segmented with the increasingly varied content requirements for modern campaigns, product video production has proved to be one of the most efficient and effective ways to spend money. If you’re interested in discussing how your brand can benefit from product videos, please reach out to blend by clicking below