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How to Hire the Best Video Production Company

5 Tips on Hiring the Perfect Video Production Company

To help take some of the stress and hassle out of finding the perfect video marketing agency for your company’s needs we have prepared this list of tips for hiring the best video production company.

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Creating Effective Calls to Action (CTA’s) with Video Content

Marketing is all about CTA’s: getting the person watching your video to take a next immediate action with your brand.   That could be through joining a mailing list; following […]

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Pros + Cons of Video Marketing

We have already established the massive effect a successful marketing video can create,  (see – Key Elements to a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign). Selecting which type of video filming strategy […]

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digital marketing strategy

Key Elements to a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign

Define Success What does success for your project look like? Is success 500,000 views? Is success a 20% increase to gross margin? Is success coverage in Mashable or Fast Company? My mentor […]

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girls look at phones - make a viral video

Best Types of Viral/Social Media Videos

A “viral video” is one that seemingly comes from nowhere and takes the internet by storm. While there are many who tote exact equations on how to create the “perfect” […]

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How to Incorporate Video in Your Digital Marketing – Part 3

You understand that you can create many different types of video marketing assets including: Explainer videos, testimonials, personalized, demonstration videos, brand awareness, non-sales videos, brand anthems, and surprise and delight […]

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