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Best Types of Viral/Social Media Videos

A “viral video” is one that seemingly comes from nowhere and takes the internet by storm. While there are many who tote exact equations on how to create the “perfect” […]

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Top Video Production Companies - Blend - Award from Clutch

Blend Soars Past the Competition on Clutch!

Blend is a creative production company based in Los Angeles. We develop, write and produce world-class branded content, rooted deep in strategic insights, that result in brand building equity. We […]

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How to Incorporate Video in Your Digital Marketing – Part 3

You understand that you can create many different types of video marketing assets including: Explainer videos, testimonials, personalized, demonstration videos, brand awareness, non-sales videos, brand anthems, and surprise and delight […]

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producing video for digital marketing - training video production - cast and crew

How to Incorporate Video in Your Digital Marketing – Part 2

You know your goals and have chosen the type of video you want to create.  What next?  In part two of our three-part article we’ll discuss how you get your […]

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How to Incorporate Video in Your Digital Marketing – Part 1

“Today’s consumers are in complete control of their path to purchase” – Google.  Gone are the days of producing a single ad, or using a lone advertising format, the road […]

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Video Marketing vs Video Production

What’s the Difference between a Video Marketing Agency and a Video Production Company?

The advertising and media landscapes have been in rapid flux, and, as media consumption tastes continue to evolve, it’s helpful for brands to keep abreast of the evolution of modern […]

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