UX & UI Design Services

Blend is not currently accepting clients for UI/UX projects.

Effective UI and UX Design Can Immediately Boost Your Sales

You only have a few seconds to capture your users’ attention and convince them to follow through your sales funnel. A strong UX & UI design services agency can set the right grounds to exponentially increase your conversions and sales in record time.

At Blend we provide custom UI & UX design which meets your audiences needs and supports a scalable and streamlined user experience. However, UX design and UI service doesn’t stop once your product is delivered. We offer full support and maintenance of your UI and UX design to help you overcome any issues or increase your products scalability capacity.

An Agile Approach to UI and UX Design

Our team of professional UI and UX specialists deliver bespoke designs. They integrate a streamlined and scalable UI and a highly efficient UX, to meet your customers’ requirements. By carefully coordinating each step of the product design development process, our UI UX agency will help you increase customer engagement.

In-depth Research & Adoption

The key to delivering a user-focused design is for our UX team to merge your business goals with your users requirements. We begin this process by sketching out your main business objectives to define the information architecture, content and user interaction planning. The main purpose of our UX design agency team during this stage is to clearly sync your business with your users’ needs.

Breaking Down Analytics & Insights

The next step is defining user personas. By using metrics such as competitor analysis and customized workflows our UX designers identify your users’ expectations and determine an efficient strategy within the agreed timeline and budget. We provide fully integrated UX design services to guarantee the best solutions to increase user engagement and loyalty.

Wireframing & Informational Architecture

Visuals are the easiest way to reflect data structures and highlight UI design features. Making sure that the informational architecture of your product is correlated to users’ needs is key to your products’ success. Our UI team will provide interactive wireframes which integrate easy-to-use workflows and navigation to guarantee that your software product is optimally delivered.

Experience Mapping & User Testing

To confirm the assumptions made during the first research phases, we’ll create case studies and carry out user testing sessions. During the experience mapping and user testing stage our UX designers will generate new ideas, modify the design, and evaluate user feedback. Top quality UX design services will provide the required foundations for a streamlined UI. We perform both on-site and remote user testing to create the best UI design for your business.

Mockup Development

Your products’ Content and Information Architecture should be presented in a context which builds a pathway and storyline for your users. We create mockups that emotionally impact your target audience to increase adoption and satisfaction.

Front End Web Development

Our UI agency team are experts, they will guarantee top-quality graphics and flawless performance for your product’s design. By using innovative and cutting-edge technology the UX & UI design focus on creating responsive designs for increased scalability and streamlined functionality across all devices. We design our UX and UI to meet all industry standards and guarantee clean back-end system integrations.

Integration & Ongoing Support

We offer ongoing technical support to guarantee 100% satisfaction. If you require any changes to your designs, our team will always deliver.

Final Thoughts

Any UX and UI design services agency can deliver a basic product design. However, at Blend our holistic and agile approach is developed on a well-structured design process methodology. For the best UI design, you must understand your users’ needs and match your product to meet them.

Our UI and UX service professionals create wireframes to reflect content and information architectures in a visual structure to test and refine your product design. As a UI and UX agency we understand the imperative need for a simplified and extremely scalable product design, we guarantee a top-quality solution, which not only meets but exceeds your users’ expectations.

If you are looking for assistance with your UX and UI designs, get in touch today.