Video Marketing for SaaS

Video marketing for SAAS can be compelling, trust building, and highly effective.  SaaS isn’t necessarily fun or exciting, and it can be hard to create value without proof of what a product actually does and how it can be useful to customers.  Software lends itself to visual representation, so using a visual medium like video to attract attention and build trust in your software as a service firm makes sense.  Whether your SaaS company is offering an new CRM, a secure shared drive, or other innovative software, video marketing for SAAS can share and market your design and capabilities while educating users and creating positive relationship with your service.

Here are some ways that Blend can help you market your SAAS with video:

Create a Demonstration Video

This is the basic, and probably the most popular form of video for SAAS companies.  The reason for this?  All kinds of tools, like software services, are best explained visually.  It’s much easier to show someone how to use a hammer than it is to explain.  Demo videos take advantage of this simple principal to make complex or abstract concepts tangible. Seeing a tool in action not only gives customers the “how too” part of using your software, but also the confidence to use it.

Video for your Front-end Informational Site & Sales Platform

The informational site used to market and sell the software is a major component of all SaaS Development projects. The front-end SaaS site targets the right buyer personas, and progresses the user to the free trial or other offer.  Using video to market your product on this platform increases your ability to attract and engage potential users.

Create a Video Cover for your Facebook Page

If it seems like every other post on social media is a video, it’s because it almost is.  Videos in the Facebook newsfeed for instance have increased by about 360%, and video is increasing across the other social media platforms as well.

A good first step in using video marketing for you saas company on social media is to produce a video cover for your Facebook page.  In addition to the fact that it looks cool, the benefits include:  the opportunity to convey a large amount of information in a short amount of time,  the opportunity to boost your brand profile, and the opportunity to fully engage with your customer base as well as attract new customers.

Ongoing Training and Support

One of the great advantages the SAAS industry has over others is that it’s entirely web-based.  If a user has an issue with a product, they don’t want to wait on hold with customer support, they want a solution right now.

Software as a service companies can take advantage of this by featuring videos on their site that essentially walkthrough common questions, whether they are questions from existing or potential customers.  Instead of a boring FAQ page your company could feature a video support library to answer customer concerns with actual demonstrations of problems being solved.  No software is completely flawless, support videos show customers that you are aware that issues can come up, and that you are continuously addressing any potential issue and sharing the solutions right there with end-users. Walkthroughs and support video keep existing users happy, they can also be great for showcasing new features.

Testimonials and Case Studies

Testimonials and case studies are two of the most straight forward approaches to marketing your SaaS on video.  They can give you the chance to spotlight how your software solution has helped real clients in an engaging and compelling fashion.  People love a good before and after tale, so if you can provide a full narrative on the problem before your product and how the customer’s lives are better now, it will capture your viewers’ attention and help to build confidence in your product and company.

Promote your Video with Video

Create an eye-catching 60 second teaser video to promote your brand, your product, and the benefits your product has to offer.  Then show off your video ad on multiple social media and searchable platforms for spectacular effect.

With the right approach, video marketing can show your SaaS product in the best light, demonstrate how to use your product, show proof that your product can benefit the user, and built a trusting relationship with customers and potential customers.

At Blend we are always excited to work with SaaS companies in developing the right elements of a great video marketing campaign.  Video lets your potential customers see how they can benefit from purchasing your product. It beats any image or written content. If you’re looking for an engaging medium to boost your site’s conversion rates and produce financial returns, using video to sell your product is the solution.  Interested in creating a video campaign?  Contact Blend Today.