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Blend builds powerful modern brand identities, flagship eCommerce & digital business platforms that move products and define culture.

Blend is not currently accepting clients for web development projects.

Web Development & Design Services

Blend believes innovative design should concretely impact business metrics and position a brand so it stands apart from the competition. Every innovative web solution Blend delivers is created from scratch and molded to fit the unique needs of a company. Drawing upon pervasive UI/UX design and front-end development know-how, we deliver rich, intuitive web app experiences with high end-user perceptions.

A website is the centerpiece of your marketing strategy, reflecting the company’s brand values and the quality of work and products.  Nearly every current and potential customer/client for a company will visit the website and Blend designs it with a purpose – to help brands engage with their consumer so, they can build awareness, create conversation, drive brand consideration and ultimately, lead to purchase.

We draw upon current and rising web technologies, best practices, and the wisdom of the category leaders to design, launch, and evolve a wide range of applications. All of Blend’s web solutions deliver functions and features built to spec that are scalable, stable, and robust.



API Development: With APIs, Blend can build rich, customer-centric web applications to improve brand engagement and drive new revenue.

API Integration: We don’t always  have to recreate the wheel.  With the proliferation of open source code, it is increasingly possible to integrate an existing API into your software stack.  We can use it straight off the shelf, or augment the API as necessary.

Cloud App Development: Cloud technology is a must in a world dominated by big data and constant internet connectivity.

SaaS Development: Blend puts together web and mobile software solutions with business and professional services to develop complex SaaS systems. Software as a Service has grown in popularity due to the pay-as-you-go business model. There are a wide variety of subscription-based payment models that increase revenue year after year and reduce the cost of entry for your customers.

Javascript Development: Javascript frameworks is a core specialty. The Blend web development team is passionate about staying ahead of the technology curve. Angular JS stands out over other Javascript frameworks and tools because of its many advantages including, offering a clean design architecture and faster application development.


User Experience

Responsive Design: From HTML5 on the desktop to mobile-first, Blend can help your company design the right user experience.

User Interface Design: Blend focuses on consistent, purposeful simplicity when developing user interfaces. We  anticipate what users might need to do and ensure that the interface has elements that are easy to access and understandable. We design strategic interfaces that minimize friction and optimize conversion.

UI / UX Wireframes: During the web development process, Blend can guide you from roughed out concepts to functional, clickable wireframes to a seamless, finished app. Our human-centered approach informs what we do and generates results. Blend’s user stories describe possible user intentions that the end product should help realize and the wireframes include scope definition which, is a list of functions necessary to be implemented in the product as well as, all the corresponding details like priorities, requirements, deadlines, and etc.


Architecture & Consulting

Code Review: Blend offers complete code and software architecture consulting for existing projects. Code architecture and code design can be examined to determine how well the web app is built and how scalable it is. Code can also be inspected for performance to determine if the code can be optimized to accelerate its execution (caching, etc.)

Usability Testing: See how users are really using your website. Blend can give you actionable insight and implement real improvement on your existing applications. Examine users’ perceptions and actions by testing how people use a product for its intended purpose.

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