What is a Brand Video

develope brand awareness with video

What is a brand video? These are videos that focus on your overall brand or put simply, who you are and why you’re here. These can be tricky, but here we discuss the right approach that you can use to create a video that attracts attention and elevates your brand.

What is a brand video?  These are videos that focus on your overall brand or put simply, who you are and why you’re here. These can be tricky, but with the right approach, you can create a video that attracts attention and elevates your brand.

A Brand Video Is

  • A great way to introduce your brand to new viewers.
  • Tell your brands unique story.
  • Show off your company’s personality.
  • Tease your audience with enticing company info (like release info – coming soon!)

Types of Branded Video

Expressing the uniqueness of your brand can take many forms including the following.

Brand Anthem – A broad, sweeping overview of the essence of the brand and mission.  Meant to inspire and build long lasting brand equity.  1-3 minutes in length, built modularly for varying versions and usage.

Brand Profile – Detailed, fast paced storytelling that cuts to the chase in communicating your brands competitive advantages.  May or may not include animation of infographics.  Often includes on camera interviews with senior executives.  1-2 minutes.

Product Video – A shorter piece of content: 30-:60 in length that focuses exclusively on communicating how your brand’s product and/or service and its benefits.

Testimonial – Powerful. From-the-heart first person interviews with credentialed evangelists of your brand.   Your customers tell others why your brand is worthy.

‘Surprise + Delight’ social experience – “Surprise + Delight’ scenarios where brand lovers are surprised and delighted in real time by their favorite brand, and that experience is caught on video and distributed on social channels

 Training & Educational videos focused on delivering a particular curriculum to employees or trainees.

An Effective Branded Video

develope brand awareness with video

When it comes to effective content for brand marketing, it’s less and less about distributing a large quantity of material and more about creating quality content that is engaging and valuable to the right audience. Strong branded video campaigns can take a lot of different forms, and there’s so much creative room to produce content that speaks to your target audience.  Keep in mind that creative ideation needs to be built on a strong strategic foundation rooted in deep insights based on consumer research.  Which audience do you want to connect with?  What do you want to accomplish?  What pain points or emotions are you going for?  An effective brand video should be creative, heartfelt, and human, while remaining focused on your marketing goals.

Find a Professional Branding Agency

Finding the right professional company to help you create a high-quality brand video can make a big difference.  Choosing the best creative branding agency or brand video expert that offers effective creative company branding and professional video marketing production services is paramount to your brand’s success. Part art, part science, a good branding video can help define who you are and what you aspire to be to people. Get it right, and your organization can flourish and scale. Get it wrong, and you risk getting lost in a sea of competitors. Unfortunately, there is no exact formula to follow to guarantee success. But, hiring the right video marketing agency with experience in branded video production can help minimize the effort and energy required while maximizing your chances of success.

Video marketing can do far more than just promote your product or service. Video content can be used to expand brand awareness by building customer rapport, generating interest in your brand vision, and showcasing what makes your brand unique. Used alongside social media, video marketing can engage customers, promote your brand and eventually drive lead generation and sales.  Our team of professional videographers and photographers has the experience to create engaging storytelling content in ways that compel your target audience into action.  If you’re interested in expanding awareness of your brand by incorporating video marketing into your digital marketing strategy we can help, contact Blend Today.