What is a Product Video?

Product Videos for marketing

Product videos show off the features and benefits of your product or service all while entertaining or engaging your audience. Here we discuss a few types of product videos that can best help you connect with your prospective customers.

Product videos show off the features and benefits of your product or service all while entertaining or engaging your audience. These videos can include product demos, updates, tutorials, onboarding, or social media videos.  Professional video marketers can create videos that draw attention and connect with your prospective customers.  They also know from experience what to include and what not to use in a product video.  Quality video content with the right script, language and tone help target your specific audience to relate to the product in the video.  Here are a few types of product videos.

Product Demonstration Video

These are videos that show your product or service in action.  A large number of customers are still uncertain about buying online.  There is often doubt about product quality or performance meeting their expectations. 

Even though a potential customer can’t touch or feel a product in a video, they can see it inside and out.  Showing them all of the key features, functions, and benefits of the product can help to assuage any doubts they may have. 

Product Update Video

Keep your existing customer base in the know about the latest changes and upgrades to your product with an update video.  These videos can teach your customers about new features available and help increase product adoption.  For best engagement, these videos usually run from around 2 – 5 minutes results.

Product Tutorial Video

Product tutorials are educational videos that teach your audience how to solve a problem by utilizing your product or service.  These ‘How To’ videos take viewers through the step-by-step instructions in the use of your product in a visually engaging way.  At the end of the tutorial video, you want the consumer to feel comfortable in their ability to use your product effectively and propel them toward purchase.

In addition to explaining how your product or service can be used, these videos can offer potential customers a way to engage with your brand.  They can be a great way to show you value the consumer and that you care about the customer experience. 

Product Onboarding Video

After purchasing your product or service you want to make sure your customer understands everything about what you have to offer, enter the onboarding video.  These welcoming and instructional videos help your customers start off on the right foot with your product and your brand by helping customers quickly understand how to use your product or service for the first time. 

Showing off the features available to the buyer can help increase product adoption as well as brand awareness.  An interesting high-quality onboarding video lays a strong foundation for long-term relationships with customers. Onboarding doesn’t stop after your customer learns the basics of your product, this is an opportunity to direct your customer’s attention towards more advanced features and options available and to show them how to make the most of your product.

A good product video lets your potential customers see how they can benefit from purchasing your product. It beats any image or written content. If you’re looking for an engaging medium to boost your site’s conversion rates and produce financial returns, using video to sell your product is the solution.  At Blend, our professional video production team in Los Angeles has the experience to create engaging product videos that your target audience can relate to.  If you’re interested in using product videos as part of your digital marketing strategy we can help, contact Blend Today.