Which Type of Video is Right for Your Business?

Brand Video 

This is sometimes referred to as an “Anthem” video.  These are the hardest to do, because you need to address the macro and micro aspects of your business and your position in the marketplace.   To further complicate the challenge it needs to be upbeat, aspirational and short, between 60-90 seconds.  Start with a solid creative brief that outlines your goals and narrows down what you want to highlight and showcase.   The creative brief then is used by a copywriter to create script options.  A script doesn’t necessarily mean their is on-camera dialogue or even a voiceover, rather, it serves as a blueprint of how you are going to organize and communicate your message and what visual assets your going to use to do so.  Graphic and supers can do a lot of heavy lifting and complement the storytelling.

Although a lot of work, a well executed brand video can be a very valuable sales tool and really elevate your brand.


These are the most efficient and effective branded videos you can make.  People like to know, from people they trust, what their experiences were with a brand or service to gauge whether or not they should consider that company for their needs.   So get talking about your brand and get others to talk about your brand on your behalf.  Either way works, but utilizing both is the best choice.   These should be kept simple, ‘talking head’ style with the subject sitting down and being interviewed direct to camera.   They should be brief and to the point and no longer than 60-90 seconds in length. The testimonial should also include a graphic super with the person’s name and title.

Here are some examples of Testimonials we’ve done for clients large and small.

Porsche Entrepreneur Profile Series

Howard Tullman

Ruth Zuckerberg

Brian Spaly


Life Reimagined 

Product Video 

A product video narrows the focus from the full brand to highlight only one specific product or service offered by the brand.  These often take the shape ‘product porn’ where a product is filmed lovingly from all angles and cut to music and a voiceover description.  These should be functionality or service focused, taking care to focus on the product attributes and benefits.   Competitive advantages should be called out and highlighted.


While a TV commercial isn’t always right for a brand, they shouldn’t be discounted.  TV can still be a highly effective and efficient spend.  Media buys can be minimal, done locally or regionally via DRTV buys or via local cable buys.  Production costs are often greater than other types of branded videos but the reach is difficult to surpass in TV.  Again, keep in mind that a TV ad buy doesn’t have to prohibitively expensive, unless you are doing a national broadcast network buy.

Tutorial Video 

Tutorial videos or ‘How To’ videos can be as effective as testimonials.  They offer an immediate benefit to the user and offer potentials consumers a way to engage with the brand.  They can be a great way to show you value the consumer and that you care about their consumer experience.  These should be produced simply, without much production value, but with clear step by step instructions that are easy to follow.  It’s often wise to use graphics and supers to compliment the live action and make the step by step process seamless.

~Video lets your potential customers see how they can benefit from purchasing your product. It beats any image or written content. If you’re looking for an engaging medium to boost your site’s conversion rates and produce financial returns, using video to sell your product is the solution. At Blend we create world-class branded content in many different formats, including: Broadcast Commercials, Brand Anthem Videos, Product Videos, 2D&3D animated films, Testimonials, Social, Event and Educational Videos. Elevate your brand by creating memorable marketing content with Blend.