Why a Brand Video Is an Essential Part of Any Mobile Marketing Strategy

brand awareness video graphic

While promotional videos, campaign specific sales efforts and product videos serve their functions, so too does the brand video.

While many brands use graphic, animated and live action videos for social promotions – designed to be consumed primarily on mobile devices and specific sales pushes, few use video to tell their brand story.

Most brands adopt a mobile-first marketing strategy, but too often don’t evolve that marketing to include storytelling about the brand itself. They don’t realize why a brand video is an essential part of any mobile marketing strategy.   Because a good brand videos showcases the humanity of the company.  It shares its values, culture, purpose and beliefs – and it does so in an expedient and entertaining manner.

Today video is a holistic business approach, meaning that all company teams are involved with video content in one way or another.  Whether it’s via online reviews, product demos, social campaigns, employee training, creating brand videos or in any number of ways.

What’s even more impressive is that, increasingly, most of that content is being viewed on mobile devices, versus laptops or larger screens.

A burgeoning amount of consideration and purchasing happen on mobile, not desktop.  Emarketer estimates there will be 205 million US smartphone video viewers by 2022, with US mobile video ad spending exceeding $25 billion.  Currently, 92% of marketers say video is an important part of their marketing strategy.  They say so because video influencer traffic, leads, sales and audience understanding.

LinkedIn reports video being described as most effective channel by the majority of users.  And they are almost all mobile users.  In fact, 91% of members watch video on mobile devices. 57% of all engagement on LinkedIn takes place on mobile as well.

Another reason why a brand video is an essential part of any mobile marketing strategy is how the sheer volume of content being viewed on mobile devices grows year to year.  According to think with google, younger consumers are more than twice as likely to be more focused while watching video on mobile than when watching it on desktop or television.  88% of short pieces 30 seconds or less are watched completely through on mobile.  The majority of watch time on YouTube is mobile, as 3 in 4 adults report watching YouTube at home on their mobile devices, primarily during the prime time hour.

As Forbes so eloquently pointed out, over 50% of consumers are interested in watching videos from brands they support.  Increasingly consumers want to know the values, spirit, culture, purpose and beliefs of an organization before they purchase.

A brand video is not aimed at a specific sales effort or call-to-action oriented campaign.  It instead speaks to the spirit and mission of the organization and its employees – information that the consumer is keen to learn.

A quality brand video – that is heartfelt and human— can communicate those qualities in the most efficient and effective way possible, earning you hard won trust, engagement and ROI.

So, while promotional videos, campaign specific sales efforts and product videos serve their functions, so too does the brand video itself.

So invest in a brand video as part of your mobile marketing strategy.  It tells your brand story in the best way possible and truly needs to be an essential part of your mobile marketing strategy.

Our team of professional creative team in Los Angeles has the experience to produce engaging storytelling content in ways that compel your target audience into action.  If you’re interested in incorporating video marketing into your digital marketing strategy we can help, contact Blend Today.