Why Broadcast Commercials are Still Highly Effective

Rise of 24/7 Media

With the rise of 24/7 media across all devices, there is an almost infinite amount of online video content, most of which is micro targeted to specific audiences.  While online video content can be very popular and engaging, television commercials remain the most effective form of advertising for many medium to large sized corporations.


As of 2018 there were over 304.5 million television viewers in the United States alone, a rise of 2.6% from 2016.  TV view ship, despite all of the competition with mobile, social and web based content, is still growing.

Captive Viewers

People watching TV are more of a captive audience than those consuming content on digital devices.  They are more likely to focus on the message.  If a viewer is watching a TV program, they don’t have to opt-in to view it: it happens automatically.  Television is a one-way street that allows advertisers to say their message without having to deal with comments from users that may or not be relevant.  With TV the advertiser doesn’t have to hand over control of the brand image to the general public. With TV, advertisers can tell the story they want to tell

Furthermore, TV marketers give an immediate reward for viewing.  Commercials supports the programs that it is surrounded by.  While some audiences do complain that they don’t like commercials, research shows that many viewers actually do enjoy them.

Conversely, with social media content, some of which is truly entertaining, the viewer has less reasons to stay put and watch in full.  It doesn’t promise to provide anything in return for the viewing and therefore only really aids the marketer.

Commercials Confer Prominence + Authority with less Noise

Because of the higher fees and viewership, commercials can confer a degree of prominence and authority to the marketer in comparison to social media marketing which can be done at a smaller scale with lower investment.

Also, there are usually only 3-4 other commercials running in the same break alongside a company’s ad, compared to a constant feed of ads populating most social feeds at all times.

Micro Targeting 

TV commercials can now be ‘addressable’ i.e. micro targeted to different neighborhoods so that a company isn’t just buying a large national campaign.  Television has also proven to have a better rate of converting viewers to consumers than stand-alone online video campaigns.

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