Why Create Training Videos for your Employees

Well-trained employees are an essential component of any successful business.  There are several ways to deliver employee training: live classes, workbooks, interactive software, self-study, online training videos, and more.  Each one has its place, but using videos for training has many advantages.  So why choose to create a training video?

Video is engaging, supports collaboration, and is more interesting than just text. In addition to teaching your staff important new skills, using video to promote your companies mission, values, and overall operations can have a big effect on information retention.

Employee Training Video - Corporate Film Production

Utilizing training videos can be very cost-effective.  Continuous training of employees, whether it be on new policy or how to use updated software, can be potentially time-consuming and costly.  By using video training your company reduces the costs associated with in-person training such as senior staff or third-party trainer pay and travel costs. With video training your pay one upfront cost and are then able to re-use the content long-term.

Video content for training is easily accessed.  Video can be stored in a variety of easily accessible formats (including for mobile which has become very popular)  By ensuring your video training content can be accessed by employees at any time, your staff can have access to that training whenever they need to refresh their memories.

Videos are memorable and effective teaching tools.  No matter what type of learner your employee may be, video content is an especially useful tool for conveying information because it is memorable.  People are more likely to retain the information because they can visualize the material on screen, rather than just imagine it.  Most employees would prefer to have you show them how to do something rather than just being told how.  With video, it’s easy to show how something is done.  If you want your employees to enjoy the training process, and remember what they have learned, using video is a great way to accomplish both.

Training videos are an engaging, cost-effective, accessible, and memorable way to convey information to your company’s staff.  If you are interested in creating effective training videos for your employees, call Blend. We’re dedicated to helping you create engaging video content while keeping your training goals and objectives front and center throughout the training video production process. 

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