Back-End Development

We work seamlessly with our strategic partner Onzra to create innovative, sophisticated software.  We provide front-end designs and development while Onzra architects and builds the powerful and effective back-ends that deliver state-of-the-market software across all mobile platforms. Our project and product management ensures that our clients get excellent results.

Weather Central Global Database 

Weather Central is the world’s leading provider of professional on-air, online, print, mobile and enterprise weather solutions and forecasting science. In 2011, they came to us with a need to speed up their weather platform in order to support real-time querying of live & predicted weather data for websites and mobile devices.

At that time, their dataset was receiving 2 terabytes of new data per day, and their APIs would often take several minutes to respond to a query. We architected an entirely new storage solution for Weather Central, utilizing Cassandra as the back-end datastore, and built new APIs for accessing the data in sub-second response times. We also created a horizontally scalable platform which allowed for an infinite amount of users at any given time.

Although acquired by Weather Services International in 2012, Weather Central technologies still provide the data for millions of people through their various platforms, including The Weather Channel, Apple’s native iPhone Weather App, etc.



Blackphone is the world’s most secure mobile phone. Everything built for Blackphone is held to the highest security standards, which required bringing on third party security auditors for repeated testing throughout the development process.

Using Python, we built their licensing servers to power their phone and software provisioning programs.

blackphone-carousel Mobile Website

In anticipation of extremely large spikes in mobile traffic stemming from the airing of Kia’s primetime Super Bowl commercials, we architected and developed a horizontally scalable backend mobile framework.

While other major automotive companies with Super Bowl spots struggled to cope with their own traffic surges, some even going offline, Kia performed flawlessly. was later recognized as the fastest responding site in 2012, winning first place in 2012 for the best automotive mobile and tablet website of the year by JD Power and Associates, with particular accolades for “speed and appearance”


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