BeatStoc is a one of its kind platform connecting artists to their fan base.   From top artists to up and coming acts, BeatStoc enables fans to engage directly with musicians and profit off of future earnings.

Blend is providing end to end development and design for BeatStoc, which launches publicly in late 2018.

In the competitive world of business, behind every successful corporation or small business is a digital creative branding agency. Experts who will not only assist your company in developing a professional image, but also help you to market and advertise your products and services through various marketing channels and platforms that allow you to reach your target audience effortlessly and effectively. We understand that it can be a painstaking search looking for the right agency partners to bring your brand to life. Trusting an outside team to create the right branding for your company is difficult even under the most ideal of circumstances. At Blend we know how to work in tandem with our clients to achieve the best results. Are you looking for the right creative digital agency to help you propel your brand forward? Contact Blend for a quote today.

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