Brex – Omnichannel Campaign


Brex came to Blend to produce the creative assets for their 2021 omnichannel campaign. The campaign showcased Brex’s all-in-one financial services platform through users’ stories. Owners from five small businesses – a bakery, a patisserie, an NGO, a snack maker and a children’s book author – describe how Brex has improved the ease of business and life. These characters come to life through Blend’s creative assets: photography, five 15-second videos and a 60-second compilation video.


Video, photography


Messaging strategy, writing, casting, pre-production, production, post-production, finishing and graphics.


Blend’s creative enabled fintech company Brex to launch a successful omnichannel campaign. Brex placed print ads on billboards and transit stops in Houston, Miami and Washington DC. Videos served as modular content for the social and digital.

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