Every successful business leader has his or her own unique set of principles that they have refused to compromise on their path to success. And every up-and-coming business professional recognizes the importance of learning from those who have made it to the top before them.

We worked with Philo Broadcasting and OMD to create a business leader profile series, showcasing executives whose businesses have successfully espoused Porsche’s shared principles of design, innovation, quality and excellence.

Project with Philo Broadcasting + OMD

Video marketing in the digital marketing world has been growing in popularity for many years. Video lets your potential customers see how they can benefit from purchasing your product. It beats any simple image or written content. If you’re looking for an engaging medium to boost your site’s conversion rates and produce financial returns, using video to sell your product or service is the solution. Interested in finding the right partner to create a great video campaign? Contact Blend for a Quote Today.

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