7 Ways to Use Photographs to Support Content Marketing

Including photographs in your content marketing strategies is an excellent way to attract attention and creates a talking point. Pictures can speak a thousand words and can ensure your content is more visually appealing to the reader. Here are seven ways you can use photos to support your content.

  1. When you’re selling a particular product, a picture can certainly educate and inform prospective customers. When selling a piece of clothing, art, or anything that gives visual appeal, make sure you take time to consider the background and the editing software you’ll need to make the product really stand out. You’ll also need to find out if you need release forms to accompany the promotion of the content.
  1. It’s good to use pictures to tell a story as it allows your audience to visualize who you are and your location. These pictures can show your journey, your successes, and developments, in turn allowing you to become more memorable and credible.
  1. Likewise, showing a human face can also support your content marketing. It allows your existing and prospective customers to follow you and gives your brand some personality. Make sure you’re consistent with the face you use – will it be your own or a more senior member of the team? Consider a dress type that best represents the organization and remember to show consistency. This will translate to the credibility of your brand and product.
  1. Broadcasting your news flow is important and a great way to attract views and engagement. Including a relevant image is guaranteed to attract more attention than an article with no image. If a product you create or produce is trending in the media, make sure you get involved. Use images that represent your brand in a positive way and that are relevant to the content.
  1. Sharing your content is key to spreading your message and brand recognition. Why not encourage your customers and audience to share too? Photos are very effective user-generated content and are simple to share across social media platforms such as Facebook Instagram and Twitter. If you select your image carefully it can be the primary reason why you post gets shared.
  1. One of the more obvious points is that adding a photo to your content is guaranteed to enhance your brand. Not everyone likes or has time to read a lengthy blog post whilst images can be viewed in a split second. Choose beautiful, clear images where it’s evident what the post is about, but ensure you don’t clutter your content with irrelevant pictures.
  1. Make your product the star. When choosing your pictures, make sure your product takes centre stage. Consider how the product will be used or displayed with a customer so that the customer can visualize owning the product. This isn’t the time to be modest – show your product off and encourage your audience to buy!

We are extremely visual beings which is why we believe at Blend that it is critical that pictures or video accompany your marketing content.  Interested in adding professionally shot photos to your content? Contact Blend Today.