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Ten Popular Types of Content Marketing

How do you choose what type of content marketing to use to grow your business? Here we discuss ten popular forms of content marketing used in digital marketing strategy.

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How to Hire the Best Video Production Company

5 Tips on Hiring the Perfect Video Production Company

To help take some of the stress and hassle out of finding the perfect video marketing agency for your company’s needs we have prepared this list of tips for hiring the best video production company.

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Key Elements to a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign

Define Success What does success for your project look like? Is success 500,000 views? Is success a 20% increase to gross margin? Is success coverage in Mashable or Fast Company? My mentor […]

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Why Broadcast Commercials are Still Highly Effective

Rise of 24/7 Media With the rise of 24/7 media across all devices, there is an almost infinite amount of online video content, most of which is micro targeted to […]

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Which Type of Video is Right for Your Business?

Brand Video  This is sometimes referred to as an “Anthem” video.  These are the hardest to do, because you need to address the macro and micro aspects of your business […]

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Key Questions to Answer When Creating a Video Campaign

What are the goals of the Video Campaign? When creating a video campaign, it’s critical that you have set realistic and measurable goals.  You might be seeking to create an overall […]

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