How to Create a Branded Video for your company

Define the Need and Benefits of Branded Video  Whether you are considering a brand purpose video, a product video or a social campaign, you’ll first need to get internal buy […]

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Managing Business During COVID-19

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Why a Brand Video Is an Essential Part of Any Mobile Marketing Strategy

While many brands use graphic, animated and live action videos for social promotions – designed to be consumed primarily on mobile devices and specific sales pushes, few use video to […]

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Creating Effective Calls to Action (CTA’s) with Video Content

Marketing is all about CTA’s: getting the person watching your video to take a next immediate action with your brand.   That could be through joining a mailing list; following […]

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Clutch Names blend in Top One Percent of B2B Service Providers

Here at blend, we understand that it can be difficult to achieve your goals attain business success while also attempting to produce world class branded content. That’s why we’re dedicated […]

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How to Produce a Video

   Once you’ve approved a final script and storyboarded it out, it’s time to plan out how to make the content itself.  Producing encompasses all the parts that make […]

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How to Develop a Creative Concept

Hi!  I’m Matt Bijarchi the Chief Content Officer of Blend.  Welcome to our series about creating branded video content. This video outlines the three steps needed to develop and write […]

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How to Develop a Video Strategy

Transcript: “Hi! I’m Matt Bijarchi the Chief Content Officer of Blend. Welcome to our series about creating branded video content. This video outlines the three steps needed to discover, develop […]

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Pros + Cons of Video Marketing

We have already established the massive effect a successful marketing video can create,  (see – Key Elements to a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign). Selecting which type of video filming strategy […]

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digital marketing strategy

Key Elements to a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign

Define Success What does success for your project look like? Is success 500,000 views? Is success a 20% increase to gross margin? Is success coverage in Mashable or Fast Company? My mentor […]

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girls look at phones - make a viral video

Best Types of Viral/Social Media Videos

A “viral video” is one that seemingly comes from nowhere and takes the internet by storm. While there are many who tote exact equations on how to create the “perfect” […]

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Phone and tiles - Video for social media - content marketing - video marketing

Incorporating Video in your Social Media messages

  Video messaging has taken over the internet.  No-where is this more evident than on social media.  Any forward facing marketing plan needs consider this huge audience and maximize potential […]

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Top Video Production Companies - Blend - Award from Clutch

Blend Soars Past the Competition on Clutch!

Blend is a creative production company based in Los Angeles. We develop, write and produce world-class branded content, rooted deep in strategic insights, that result in brand building equity. We […]

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How to Incorporate Video in Your Digital Marketing – Part 3

You understand that you can create many different types of video marketing assets including: Explainer videos, testimonials, personalized, demonstration videos, brand awareness, non-sales videos, brand anthems, and surprise and delight […]

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producing video for digital marketing - training video production - cast and crew

How to Incorporate Video in Your Digital Marketing – Part 2

You know your goals and have chosen the type of video you want to create.  What next?  In part two of our three-part article we’ll discuss how you get your […]

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How to Incorporate Video in Your Digital Marketing – Part 1

“Today’s consumers are in complete control of their path to purchase” – Google.  Gone are the days of producing a single ad, or using a lone advertising format, the road […]

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Video Marketing vs Video Production

What’s the Difference between a Video Marketing Agency and a Video Production Company?

The advertising and media landscapes have been in rapid flux, and, as media consumption tastes continue to evolve, it’s helpful for brands to keep abreast of the evolution of modern […]

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Why Broadcast Commercials are Still Highly Effective

Rise of 24/7 Media With the rise of 24/7 media across all devices, there is an almost infinite amount of online video content, most of which is micro targeted to […]

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graphic - film - video production

Which Type of Video is Right for Your Business?

Brand Video  This is sometimes referred to as an “Anthem” video.  These are the hardest to do, because you need to address the macro and micro aspects of your business […]

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Key Questions to Answer When Creating a Video Campaign

What are the goals of the Video Campaign? When creating a video campaign, it’s critical that you have set realistic and measurable goals.  You might be seeking to create an overall […]

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glass board tips for web developement

Top Ten Tips for World Class Website Development

According to a survey by Netcraft at the start of 2018, there are, wait for it, more than 1.8 billion websites online. Yes, 1.8 billion, the majority of which however […]

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in front of the camera - video marketing producer

Using Video to Sell Your Product

Video lets your potential customers see how they can benefit from purchasing your product. It beats any image or written content. Also, you can include more information in a 20 […]

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graphic SAAS strategy steps

SaaS – The Key Steps from Strategy to Reality

Many SaaS start-ups and even established companies struggle to gain significant traction. The good news is, you can follow predictable steps to increase your chances for success. Here are the […]

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multiframe graphic - platforms - video advertisement

Online Video Advertising Platforms – What Are the Options?

As one of the fastest growing forms of marketing, online video advertising should be part of your business’s development strategy. It promotes brand recall, boosts SEO rankings, performs well on […]

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stand out umbrella - high quality branding image

What makes a memorable marketing campaign?

Know your audience To conduct an effective marketing campaign, you need to know everything possible about the type of people who will be buying your product or service. Age, geographical […]

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10 Steps to Create a Viral Video

Viral videos are ubiquitous to the internet and our interconnected society. When done right, they offer immediate exposure to millions of people worldwide and become a social talking point. Yet […]

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crew for video production

Creating premium, commercial grade video production

Video production has become a critical element of successful a marketing campaign. By 2020 over 80% of all internet traffic is expected to be video content. The numbers are expected […]

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professional business photographer

7 Ways to Use Photographs to Support Content Marketing

Including photographs in your content marketing strategies is an excellent way to attract attention and creates a talking point. Pictures can speak a thousand words and can ensure your content […]

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professional video editing tools

Top 10 Video Editing Tools

If you are looking to get into video editing for your business, look no further. We are passionate about video and we have tried out most of the editing packages […]

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layouts for ux designer

What does a UX Designer Actually Do?

User experience design is a concept that dates back thousands of years ago but was only echoed in the 1990s by Donald Norman, Apple’s cognitive scientist. It borrows greatly from […]

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tablet graphic for history of branding

The History of Branding

Branding today is at the forefront of identity, image and marketing. However, how did branding originate? Initially, the idea of branding was to show ownership of things that were of […]

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Branded video Analysis

How to develop a killer SaaS App

Now that more and more businesses are using Software as a Service (SaaS), it pays to really look at what makes a killer SaaS application, and here are some key […]

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graphic for logo design

What are the characteristics of a good logo?

At Blend we know that a great logo looks simple – but the process of creating one can be very difficult. In this blog post we look at the characteristics […]

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two computer monitors

Video Creation for Social Media

First, ask yourself where do you mostly watch videos? In fact, what is the last video you saw today? We can pretty much guarantee that for a lot of people […]

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graphic for market branding

How branding influences consumers

At Blend we really do understand that good branding is essential for a successful business and cohesive marketing campaign. Once you’ve read this article you should read two other posts […]

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professional video production camera

Why Create Video Content for Marketing

At Blend we’re often asked why video content is such an important element of a modern marketing campaign. In this article we look at some of the key reasons why […]

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white board ux design

What is UX design?

We often get asked what UX design really means. In this article we outline what it is and why it’s so important to get it right. UX design refers to […]

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people looking at screens for web based saas

Should your next build be a Web-Based SaaS or Desktop Application

Ah, the age-old question – a traditional desktop application or a centrally hosted software as a service (SaaS) system? Ok, so it’s not the age-old question. But it is a […]

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stand alone strawberry image for brand marketing

Where and How Does Branding Fit Into Marketing?

First we want to clarify an important point, there is a big difference between marketing and branding. The former can be defined as processes and tools that people use to […]

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screen wall graphic for video marketing

Our top video marketing tactics

We love commercial video at Blend. It’s one of the most engaging marketing mediums we have in our arsenal and we’ve used it many times to successfully deliver our clients […]

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aspects of brand development graphic

Ways To Make Your Brand Memorable

Brand recognition is only the first step when it comes to growing a great brand. Making your brand memorable for all the right reasons is crucial to ensuring that your […]

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platforms for saas image

SaaS Development – The Best Platforms

Choosing the right platform for your Software as a Service (SaaS) development project can be a complex and overwhelming decision. There are a myriad of technologies, development languages, front end […]

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stand out colorful rubber duck - colorful branding image

What is branding and why it is used by businesses?

We know how important your brand is at Blend as we specialise in helping businesses to plan and create world-class brand strategies. In this post we focus on reasons why […]

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How to find the right Branding Agency in Los Angeles

The right Branding Agency in Los Angeles It can be a painstaking search looking to identify the right agency partners to bring your brand to life. Trusting an outside team […]

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Ten Traits of an Effective Experiential Marketing Agency

Ten Traits of an Effective Experiential Marketing Agency The right Experiential Marketing Agency partner can transform your branded experience into a cultural moment that delivers ROI far beyond the event […]

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5 Traits That Define a Great Creative Design Agency

Mobile First Design: Five Reasons Why It Matters Mobile usage is increasing every year.  Where it’s via a mobile web link or a mobile application, prospective clients are very likely […]

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What Makes a Great Corporate Video Production Company?

What Makes a Great Corporate Video Production Company? Experience – The creative aesthetic of their work will mostly drive your decision making process, but also be keenly aware of their […]

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Blog for User Experience Design

Blog for User Experience Design Listen to your Users To provide any useful and scalable service to consumers, in any business vertical, you have to become really good at listening […]

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Mobile First Design: Five Reasons Why It Matters

Mobile First Design: Five Reasons Why It Matters Mobile usage is increasing every year.  Where it’s via a mobile web link or a mobile application, prospective clients are very likely […]

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u-turn workplace graphic image

DigiDay Interviews Blend’s CSO, Darcie Lamond

  Robin Sodaro was a marketing art director at UBS when she left in 2008, taking eight years off from her job to raise her kids. In 2016, when she […]

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Blend’s Diversity Featured In AdAge Print & Digital

Darcie Lamond left an executive-level business and consulting position at a major financial services company to raise her family. A decade later, when she was ready to rejoin the workforce […]

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superbowl banner - commercial

The Drum: Super Bowl ’17 Reactions

Super Bowl LI is officially behind us. After weeks of pre-teasers, teasers, gimmicks and even a few scandals, Super Bowl advertisers finally got their moment in the spotlight while the […]

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We hear a lot about the “Creative Agency”. We see branded content that we love and wonder why the company we own or work for can’t have content of that […]

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logo - shoot magazine

Blend and Shoot Magazine

Read Matt’s Comments Matt Bijarchi, CEO and chief creative officer of Blend, related, “Increasingly, brands are realizing that they are really publishers themselves. They have a built-in audience and that […]

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When Lexus needed help with digital registration and an automotive marketing campaign for its Performance F Driving School experience, they turned to Blend for solutions. Blend’s impressive track record in the automotive […]

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logo - the drum

Blend CEO, Matt Bijarchi, interviewed by The Drum

  The polls didn’t get it right and the electorate has spoken in the United Kingdom: out with the EU. Reactions from the result are understandably all over the place, […]

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logo -

Blend Looks Ahead to Trends for 2016 – LBB Online

We no longer fear the engineer. We all live in a technology dependent world. There is no escaping it. Every single business vertical is being disrupted by bold start ups. […]

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group photo for AD Week

Blend Lands Featured Spot as an Adweek “Portrait”

Who (L. to r.) Head of production Isaac Swiderski; chief strategy officer Darcie Lamond; CEO and founder Matt Bijarchi; and operations vp Jesse Davis What Branding agency Where Los Angeles Last week, Los […]

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User Experience > Engineering You can not create a modern brand without talented engineers. For vertically integrated e commerce companies, talented engineering is at an even higher premium (think dollar […]

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dogs - superbowl advertising

Mashable Invites Blend to live-blog Super Bowl Commercials

More commonly known as Mashable’s “Ad Bowl”, this 4-hour live-blogfest kicked off (get it…”kicked off”) just before the coin-toss and continued up until Payton Manning hoisted the Vince Lombardi trophy high […]

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logo - thumb - Shoot online

Shoot Magazine Interviews Matt Bijarchi for “Year In Perspective” Survey

The continued shift of marketing spend towards original social media content, live experiences and mobile-first marketing was the dominant trend we saw in 2015. For us at Blend, 2015 signaled […]

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