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Matt Bijarchi, CEO and chief creative officer of Blend, related, “Increasingly, brands are realizing that they are really publishers themselves. They have a built-in audience and that audience has a nearly insatiable taste for content. The best way to service that consumer desire is to publish.

“Take for instance what Dollar Shave Club did with MEL,” continued Bijarchi. “They created their own online magazine/blog and filled it with interesting content that their consumers yearn for. They essentially had already cracked the code with video content and they’ve now taken it one step further and became their own publisher. Very smart.”

In addition,  I think we’re going to see some interesting developments with Facebook Live. If you look at the incredible success of the Chewbacca Mom FB live content—and the significant corresponding lift in sales it gave Kohl’s—it’s hard to imagine it not being a channel that marketers and their agency partners invest in heavily.

The Field Trip to Mars” by McCann for Lockheed Martin. This was an amazing feat. They took VR and combined it with a truly original physical experience, allowing school children to “experience Mars while taking a ride on a school bus…

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