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5 Types of Videos that are Perfect for B2B Marketing

In this post, we look at five video formats that work well for B2B marketing.

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Video and Inbound Marketing

Inbound Methodology and Video Marketing

Learn how video content fits perfectly into the inbound marketing methodology and can complement your other marketing efforts.

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Managing Business During COVID-19

Video describing how we are managing business during COVID-19.

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Clutch Names blend in Top One Percent of B2B Service Providers

Here at blend, we understand that it can be difficult to achieve your goals attain business success while also attempting to produce world class branded content. That’s why we’re dedicated […]

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How to Produce a Video

   Once you’ve approved a final script and storyboarded it out, it’s time to plan out how to make the content itself.  Producing encompasses all the parts that make […]

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How to Develop a Video Strategy

Transcript: “Hi! I’m Matt Bijarchi the Chief Content Officer of Blend. Welcome to our series about creating branded video content. This video outlines the three steps needed to discover, develop […]

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