Case Studies

Home Goods
and Appliances


Midea is a household name in much of the world and already has products in many American homes (white-labeled under other brand names). To launch their Midea-branded home appliances in North America, Blend assembled a team of category-veteran creatives, crew members, and VFX artists.

The campaign, entitled “Today…by Midea”, focused everyday household stories that highlighted the way Midea’s practical innovations provide real human benefits.

It’s not just a
washer with a
wide door.
It’s an easier
laundry day.

Like many modern marketers, Midea needed much more than just the traditional 30-second TV spot. In total, Blend created a suite of over 25 pieces of modular video content– OTT/streaming ads, social spots, product videos, e-commerce videos, and more.


In order to reintroduce their 113 year-old vacuum brand to consumers, Eureka wanted to take a comedic approach. Blend’s team of creatives came up with “Meet the Messners”, a campaign centered around an average American family that can’t help but create outrageous, out-of-control messes.

The campaign showcased five different models– each model had a corresponding 30 second OTT/Streaming spot featuring the Messners, along with numerous other social spots, product videos, e-commerce videos, and more.

Along with the robust slate of video assets, Blend worked with an industry leading photo team to create product photography for each of the vacuums. These photos were shared across social and digital channels as well utilized for Eureka’s e-commerce outlets, including their website, Walmart, and Amazon.


Blend was hired to create the launch campaign for Eureka’s newest label– Innova, a line of high end vacuums intended to stand up against up-market competitors like Shark and Bissell. The creatives at Blend crafted a campaign that highlights innovative technology and sleek design behind Innova’s flagship models.

One 30 second spot “You Never Clean Alone” imagined the team of designers and engineers supporting you everytime you vacuum. Another spot “Beauty”, took a page from the tech industry, using tight, beautifully lit shots to let the gorgeous product design speak for itself.

In addition to the streaming spots– Blend produced a myriad of other deliverables, including product videos, CGI feature videos, e-commerce and use case photography, and an infomercial made specifically Innova’s product pages on


In this spot created for Simple Human’s e-commerce pages, Blend took a minimalist approach in showcasing the Wide Angle Sensor Mirror’s beautiful looks and industry-first technology that allows the mirror to mimic real world lighting situations. Subtle camera moves emphasize the design details while animations tell the story of advanced tech and mobile app integrations.