DigiDay Interviews Blend’s CSO, Darcie Lamond


Robin Sodaro was a marketing art director at UBS when she left in 2008, taking eight years off from her job to raise her kids. In 2016, when she returned to her career, she found herself at media agency Maxus, starting as a part-time freelancer before being hired full-time in August. It was a hard transition, and she struggled to catch up with everything from technology and changes in workflow to even office jargon.

“It was radically different when I came back,” said Sodaro. “When I had started my career, there was no such thing as a media agency.”

Darcie Lamond was in the same boat as Sodaro, returning to the workforce in 2014, a decade after she left her executive position at a major financial services company to be a stay-at-home mom. Luckily for Lamond, her paths crossed with executive recruiter Linda Wells, who landed her a “returnship” at Los Angeles-based ad agency, Blend, through her then-company Talent Reconnect. Today, Lamond is a partner and chief strategy officer at the firm.

“It’s a brutal, inhospitable world, and the older you get and more time away you spend from it, the more inhospitable it gets,” said Lamond. “There was no way I would have made it if it weren’t for Linda’s returnship program.”

…A majority of ad agencies interviewed for this article said they had no such programs in place to seek out people like Sodaro and Lamond, looking to make career comebacks…

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