How to Catch a Viewers’ Eye – Using Color in Video

Video is one of the best ways to get your target audience’s attention, however, they do require a time commitment from the viewer.  With so much online content available, you’ll need to find a way to grab a user’s attention and convince them to spend their time watching your content.  So it pays to understand what elements garner viewer attention on a psychological level.

Color Theory in Video

Color theory in psychology is a topic of nuance and complexity, but simply put it is the study of how colors affect perceptions and behaviors.  In marketing and branding, color theory is used by professionals to focus on how colors impact viewers’ impressions of a brand and whether or not they persuade consumers to consider buying that brand.

Different colors elicit different feelings or perceptions, and some colors are better at grabbing a viewers’ attention.  By understanding the basic principles of color theory, you can capture attention and evoke specific emotions with your video content.

Color theory data suggests that it only takes about 90 seconds for a customer to form an opinion regarding a product, and a large percentage of that impression is determined by just the color of the product.

What types of color associations are there?  A lot of yellow in your imagery can appear warm and optimistic, while gray tones can feel calm and sleek.  Red is often associated with power, anger, or energy. Black indicates exclusivity and luxury.  Blue creates a sense of trust and security.

The correct mix of colors is very in some ways very subjective and nuanced.  A mix of pink and orange hues can convey a warm and cheerful feeling.  Use of which in a video can elicit passionate confidence in the products or services you are advertising.  Pair these shades with grays to create an air of minimalistic calm. In many instances, video advertising uses black and white with a touch of color highlighting an important object or moment this technique helps the customers’ brain to focus on what is most important.

Different colors evoke different moods and thus can be used to carefully direct the tone of your video.  Depending on what you’re sharing with your viewers, some colors will be more appropriate for your project.  Something as simple as a wardrobe or a background change can completely alter the mood and tone of your video.  There’s a lot of competition for customer attention, so it’s important to use color wisely to create the strongest and most immediate reaction in the viewer.

Producing professional commercial grade videos takes an experienced team, with an understanding of what it takes to create truly engaging video content.  Creativity, solid pre-production plans, excellent project management skills, and a quality assurance process. When all of these elements work in harmony it usually generates a video that matches or exceeds your expectations.  At Blend, we create world-class video content in many different formats. If you’re looking for the right Creative Video Production Company to team up with contact Blend today.