What’s the Difference between a Video Marketing Agency and a Video Production Company?

The advertising and media landscapes have been in rapid flux, and, as media consumption tastes continue to evolve, it’s helpful for brands to keep abreast of the evolution of modern storytelling providers.

A Video Marketing Agency will typically provide brand strategy + messaging architecture guidelines, and then write or design creative assets such as a script or an illustration. The agency then acts as agent for the brand and sub-contracts all production responsibilities for the actual creation of the assets to various sub-contractors, including; a production company; a storyboard artist; an editorial studio; a casting agent; animation studios and everything else associated with bringing the content to life. At every phase of the pre-production, production, and post-production the video marketing agency acts as the middle man or go-between the client and the production company. Video Marketing Agencies typically bill on retainer for their strategic and creative services, and then bill separate project fees for each production.

A Creative Video Production Company is responsible for the strategy + messaging architecture guidelines, writing the scripts, and then is also directly responsible for all aspects of production. Creative Video Production companies like Blend, remove the middleman and handle everything related to content creation and production under one roof, making for a more focused, seamless process that is considerably less expensive than a Video Marketing Agency. Each client is billed per project, and there are no retainers.

Creative Video Production companies are more nimble, less expensive, and many times create better work than their traditional video marketing agency counterparts.

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