Online Video Advertising Platforms – What Are the Options?

As one of the fastest growing forms of marketing, online video advertising should be part of your business’s development strategy. It promotes brand recall, boosts SEO rankings, performs well on all devices and is effective in empowering your brand message.

Online video advertising networks connect advertisers to websites which host ads. They collect ad space from publishers and correlate it with advertisers’ requirements.

What Are the Options for Video Ad Platforms?

Bright Roll does a great job at helping you reach premium audiences and increase your sales. The platform includes services such as Bright Roll DSP and Bright Roll Exchange. Clients such as Skype, Activision, Ford, and Lexus use Bright Roll to connect with tier one audiences. Bright Roll’s CPM rate is $10 for premium audiences.

YuMe is a top provider of ad solutions which improve capitalization and helps advertisers engage with targeted audiences. It focuses on in-app and mobile advertising. YuMe’s CPM rate is $5 and above.

Undertone is at the crossroad of the media, tech and the creative industries. Through immersive video, Undertone secures consumer engagement. The company’s CPM rates are high, and country targeted.

Coull Compliance is an advertising platform with uses the OverStream Suite to provide overlay video ad formats. They increase video ad revenue by adopting an integrated approach to existing video capitalization partners.

Nativo places brand content within publisher streams and matches it with the requirements of each publication. It works with premium clients such as Entrepreneur Media, Reader’s Digest, USA Today and Sports Media Group. The company promises to deliver increased engagement rates for marketers, great monetization for publishers and a remarkable user experience.

Gravity is a content recognition engine which uses the Interest Graph suite to identify users’ interests and optimizes engagement through accurate recommendations. Sustained by AOL network, Gravity works with publishers such as Huffington Post and

PubNative is a mobile publisher platform which provides scalable ads for apps and mobile devices. Its focus is on the publisher and the company guarantees excellent video ads integration.

RhythmOne offers a wide range of advertising solutions for all devices. It’s an amazing platform which helps publishers optimize their revenues. The company works with more than 5,000 publishers and offers a completely integrated capitalization module to increase premium audience reach.

Propeller Ads offers publishers high CPM rates and is a perfect platform for advertisers to deliver their ads across a wide variety of channels. Through customized checks, the platform guarantees top quality video ads. The platform provides real-time reporting and 100% inventory monetization.

Wrapping It Up

By using online video advertising platforms your business will benefit from top quality performance ads and substantial CPM rates. Video ad networks are perfect for publishers looking to improve their ROI.

Make online video advertising a part of your business’s development strategy, contact Blend Today.