Ten Traits of an Effective Experiential Marketing Agency

The right Experiential Marketing Agency partner can transform your branded experience into a cultural moment that delivers ROI far beyond the event itself. Here are 10 traits every good experiential marketing agency employs.

‘Surprise + Delight’

We live in a hyper connected media age. Consumers are bombarded with marketing in all media touchpoints 24/7. The ability to stand out and provide an unique, memorable event has become even more of a challenge than ever before. The best strategy to stand out is to make sure the purpose of the event is to ‘surprise and delight’ loyal consumers. A free makeover to stressed out Moms. Free Grammy’s Tickets given to broke music fans. A Lyft ride in a DeLorean. In our reality entertainment led culture, nothing satisfies like watching someone be genuinely surprised and delighted. Even if it comes in the form of marketing. If it’s genuine and provides an entertaining utility to real people, you will garner an audience.

Curate your Consumer Attendees

Don’t just open your event to the public. Spend a good amount of time researching the rights types of power fans and loyal consumers who are already engaging with your brand. Chances are high that they will appreciate the event.

Capture Content in Real Time

The only thing better than providing loyal consumers with a great event experience is to capture that moment on video and broadcast it to your network across earned and paid channels. You can spread the magic of those personal event moments to an exponentially larger audience and increase your fan base.

Leverage earned Media

A good experiential marketing agency will know how to create an event that is topical, fun and would be attractive to online publishers. Using current technologies, pop culture moments, and just plan fun brands have a myriad of ways to capture attention and provide a sharable moment where the consumer wants to spread your message to their network.

Efficient use of Paid Media

Let’s face it – you can’t rely on earned media support enough. Good Experiential Marketing Agencies will know how to spend efficiently and effectively against paid channels to boost overall performance and leverage earned media support.

PR Support

Leading Experiential Marketing Agencies will have strategic relationships with powerful publicists and public relations firms that are experienced in promoting branded events. The PR team should be engaged 30 days before the event up until 1 week after the event.

Partnerships and Sponsorship

The right partners and Sponsors can add real dimension and utility for your consumers and can dramatically increase your reach without burdening your firm with 100% of the cost.

Calls To Action

Every event should surprise and delight and leave the consumer with a specific call to action and immediate opportunities to engage with the brand moving forward. Consumers will respect the call to action more because the brand has already gone out of it’s way to make their day a little more fun and respect the consumer.

Overstaff Event

You’ll want every consumer to leave with positive reactions to the event and the brand itself. This is best accomplished when consumers know they can have a one-on-one interaction, however brief, with a brand representative if necessary.

Planning and Iterating

Producing a good branded experience requires patience, planning and constant iterating along the way. Make sure you give your brand experiential agency partners and yourself enough time to research and plan ahead of the event date. Research should begin at least 6-8 ahead of the date.

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