Introducing Onboarding Videos

Today, more and more companies are including onboarding videos as part of their marketing and employee engagement strategies.  Onboarding refers to any education or information you provide new clients, product users, service subscribers, or employees during their initial interaction with your company.  Video excels at delivering this type of information in a quick and easy-to-digest way.  A good onboarding experience can lead to customer retention, better product reviews, increased sales through happy user referrals, and higher new employee productivity.

What are onboarding used for videos for?

  • Support, inform and educate new customers to provide the best ongoing experience for them.
  • Demonstrate and explain a product, service, brand, concept, or company.
  • Educate new users about the features and value of your service.
  • Efficiently transition new hires into their company positions.
  • Improve employee and customer retention.

Onboarding New Customers

Customer onboarding is the process of welcoming new clients into your business, addressing their concerns and questions while ensuring they understand the products and services available to them.  A customer onboarding video can teach a new client about your service structure which can help the client feel more comfortable and reduce potential confusion.

Customer onboarding is an important step for any company because it directly affects the client’s experience with your business.  A great onboarding experience helps to lay a strong foundation for building long-term customer relationships.  Using high-quality video for onboarding your customers can help your customers understand your business and the value it can bring them.  And remember that customers who see value are more likely to make referrals.

Product Onboarding

A product onboarding video helps new customers learn how to navigate through the different features of your product while building value and improving retention.  A good onboarding video is all about helping new customers learn all about the functions of your product, the benefits of your product, as well as the overall value of your product in a way that is easy to understand.

Especially true for companies that sell complex or technical products for general use, onboarding can be a make-or-break component of the user experience.  If a new user can’t understand how a product works or how it will be of value to them, they can become frustrated.  This can cause them to give up and return your product potentially opening the door for your competitor.

Onboarding a Service – SaaS

Though a user may have decided to try out your software, a bad initial experience can cause them to jump ship and move on to the next possibility.  This makes onboarding the most critical and delicate time in the Software as a Service (SaaS) sales process.  Adding a high-quality onboarding video can deliver a smoother experience and even convince more users to try out your software by giving them a peek at exactly how easy it is to start.

Even if you are offering a free trial version, many potential users will be skeptical of a new tool.  Videos can explain complex ideas quickly and simply and help new users become comfortable with using your software.  Comfort equals use. Let’s face it, people are creatures of habit.  Even if your software is very useful, people will go back to an old system just because they’re comfortable with it.  Onboarding videos help people over the comfort hurdle to retain new users, and retention leads to more widespread adoption.

Employee Onboarding Videos

A great employee onboarding experience can save your company money and stress by improving productivity and retention rates.  While onboarding videos can’t deliver all of the tools needed to set up a new employee for success, it can have a significant impact on whether a new hire starts off on the right foot and if they will want to stay with the company long-term. 

An employee onboarding video can be used to:

  • Educate new hires about your company’s vision, goals, and culture.
  • Introduce your organization’s structure, teams, and workflows.
  • Explain expectations about job duties, roles, and performance.
  • Train new employees in their specific job functions.
  • Hype up new hires about the company and what an awesome place it is to work.

A positive employee onboarding experience can be the difference between new employees embracing your company or looking for the nearest exit.

First impressions absolutely count!  Once people have engaged your company, purchased your product, subscribed to your service, or been hired by your business, it’s in your best interest to help them to feel comfortable and confident in their decision to choose your company or product.  People who have an excellent onboarding experience are more likely to remain loyal to a company or product than those who have a negative experience.  Video content for onboarding is a powerful solution to educating people who are new to your product, service, or company.

If you’re interested in creating a great onboarding experience with video, contact Blend today!  At Blend, our professional video production team in Los Angeles has the experience to create engaging onboarding videos that provide instruction and information that your target audience can understand.  If you’re interested in including onboarding videos as part of your marketing or employee engagement strategy we can help, contact Blend Today.