Make it Funny – Using Humor in Video Marketing

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Using humor in video marketing is an excellent way for your brand’s advertising content to stand out from the competition. Consider these 5 reasons to add comedy to your next video.

Whether your company means “serious business” or is more of a social or trendy brand, your marketing strategy can benefit from using humor in its video advertising.  Using humor in video marketing is an excellent way for your brand’s advertising content to stand out from the competition.  A touch of comedy, self-deprecation, or sarcasm, helps to add personality to your commercial video and makes viewers want to hear what you’ll say next.

There’s no doubt that video marketing can grab attention.  A well-crafted story provides entertainment while selling a product or service that viewers may actually need.  Stories that make us laugh are entertaining.  Consider these 5 reasons to add humor to your marketing video.

  1. Capture Attention – Let’s face it, some products may be less than exciting.  While products that are necessities aren’t usually thrilling, they are what consumers spend the majority of their money on.  Producing a commercial that includes a dash of humor can make potentially boring product explanations entertaining and attention- grabbing. That’s a win for elevating brand awareness and promoting your products, but humor goes farther than that.
  2. Emotional Connection – Using humor in your corporate video marketing content can help to humanize your brand.   It can create an emotional connection between the consumer and a company, product, or service. 
  3. Level the Field – Humor in video advertising can help smaller companies compete with larger ones.  Even with a smaller budget, it can be a difference-maker especially if you’re willing to take risks that no giant corporation would take.  Consumers like good and funny, they don’t care how big the company is or how much was spent on a commercial, they care about the quality of the content. 
  4. Build Brand Trust – People generally like people who can make them laugh, and trust people they like.  A funny video ad can help a consumer consciously or subconsciously like a brand, and aids in building trust with viewers.
  5. Memorable and Sharable – The internet is cluttered with every type of content you can imagine.  Comedy brings your videos to life, and the funnier the video the more memorable.  Humor works because laughter releases endorphins that make us feel good.  Happy viewers are then multiplied on the internet as audiences flock to social media to share hilarious videos with their friends.

Humor is only a good video marketing tool when it’s used in a way that speaks to your audience in a way that makes them comfortable.  What’s considered funny can vary widely between people across demographics, ages, educational, and cultural backgrounds.  No joke exists that is loved by everyone, everywhere, so creating funny video marketing content can be tricky. That is where working with a creative marketing agency that has experience producing humorous television commercials, OTT ads, and social media video content comes in.  

Blend understands how to use humor without losing sight of your branding, message, and ultimately your company’s image and reputation.  Our creative team has experience creating captivating and humorous video marketing content.  Here are two examples in which our Los Angeles creative agency used humor in video marketing to great effect.

Blend worked with Rex Real Estate to produce this funny 30-second commercial spot for OTT and cable television as part of their “Rex Full-Service Simplified” campaign.  Our experienced advertising production professionals provided the scriptwriting, casting, pre-production, production, post-production, finishing, and graphics for this successful OTT ad. This commercial campaign increased qualified leads to the Rex website by 40%.

After our 2018 commercials increased qualified small business loan applicants by over 50%, Heartland Bank came back to Blend to create commercials for their 2019 Open for Business Campaign. While being funny and entertaining, these TV commercials focus on the campaign message highlighting one of Heartland’s competitive advantages: ease of use.

The use of humor in video marketing is a great way to grab viewer attention and communicate your key message in a way that resonates with consumers and sticks in their minds beyond the ad. If you’re interested in adding humor to your video marketing content and want to produce hilarity and avoid mistakes Blend can help.  Our team of professional videographers and photographers has the experience to create engaging storytelling content in ways that compel your target audience into action.  If you’re interested in incorporating video marketing into your digital marketing strategy we can help, contact Blend Today.