Why Advertise on TV?

Even in today’s digital world, television advertising is still an effective and popular means of reaching potential customers.  Broadcast television channels include popular, far-reaching networks where viewers can access both national and local news.  Live events like sports, music, or award shows can draw large audiences with engaged fans.  Even with the growing popularity of streaming services, television remains a staple in most households making adverting on TV a viable option for inclusion in your brand’s media mix.  

Here are 5 reasons to include television advertising in your marketing strategy.

TV Advertising

Loyal Television Viewers

Local news shows continue to see growing audiences, even among younger people.  Local affiliates push to engage viewers with more in-depth content encouraging local trust and loyalty with their brand.  By investing in key local markets, your brand can connect with those local audiences and their loyalty. In addition to local loyalty, popular television series still attract a loyal and engaged audience.  These are shows that people talk about, and a well-placed and well-produced TV commercial can become part of the conversation. 

People Trust TV

Because of the life-long relationship that many consumers have had with traditional television, TV advertising confers a higher level of legitimacy and prestige on the advertiser. Seeing a brand on TV makes potential customers feel secure knowing that they’re working with a business that won’t be gone or out of business next year.   A business that utilizes commercials on television along with several other avenues to display its products or services to its customers sends a message that they’re reputable and established.

Television Reaches a Large Audience

TV reaches large audiences.  It’s estimated that over 95% of all U.S. households have at least one television.  Broadcast television usually provides an affordable CPM (cost per thousand impressions) because it reaches a mass audience.  Watching TV is still the nation’s most common past time, and is a great way to reach Gen Xers and Boomers with disposable income.

TV Compliments Other Media

When used as part of an overall marketing strategy, television advertising can be used to complement a brand’s other media elements.  For instance, a commercial on TV can encourage viewers to visit a company’s website or social media, or invite them to an event, or view your extensive catalog

Viewers may be using multiple devices while they watch a TV show but they are far from being disengaged with the content.  Many viewers are actively experiencing a show or event with other fans on social media creating an additional opportunity for interaction with your brand.

You Can’t Skip a TV Commercial

Television advertising offers a captive audience.  Unlike many online, or streaming video marketing ads, you can’t easily skip a TV commercial.  While advertising with video on YouTube or Social Media channels is a great idea, viewers often have the option to skip your ad with the push of a button.   With television, your commercial runs in its entirety allowing your brand to convey its message to consumers.

Television commercials when done well can be persuasive and evoke emotional connections to your brand.  Even as the marketing landscape changes, TV is a medium that continues to evolve and offers a viable way to reach potential customers. 

If you’re interested in using television advertising as part of your media strategy, Blend can help.  At Blend, our professional creative team in Los Angeles has the experience to produce engaging television ads that your target audience can relate to.  For help with your TV commercial or campaign, contact Blend Today.